Fritillaria meleagris alba ‘White snake’s head fritillary’


Use Fritillaria meleagris alba ‘White snake’s head fritillary’ to naturalize in borders, wild gardens, rockeries, under shrubs or in grassy areas.


Fritillaria meleagris alba ‘White snake’s head fritillary’ is a bulbous herbaceous perennial with delicate white bell-shaped flowers that hang down from pale green stems with long, thin, grey-green leaves.

Fritillaria meleagris alba bulbs are perfect planted in naturalised flower borders, wild gardens or rockeries. These bulbs produce short fritillaries that are best positioned at the front of borders and under shrubs. They provide the perfect contrast to taller and brighter blooms in the garden. Alternatively, plant in drifts along a woodland edge or in a wildflower meadow where they can naturalise to create a beautiful display. Each plant will produce at least one and sometimes two nodding bell shaped flowers in spring.

Plant Fritillaria meleagris bulbs from September until December and try to plant these bulbs as early as possible to give the roots a chance to bed down before the cold sets in.

Plant details

  • Bulbous herbaceous perennials
  • Common Name: ‘Snake’s head fritillary’ or ‘White-flowered snake’s head fritillary’
  • Flowering period: April – May
  • Delicate white bell-shaped flowers with linear-lanceolate, grey-green leaves
  • Height: up to 20cm (8″)
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy & trouble-free

Pack sizes

  • 7 x Fritillaria meleagris alba bulbs
  • 10 x Fritillaria meleagris alba bulbs

Planting advice

  • Suitable for: Flower beds & borders, informal cottage gardens, rock gardens & wildflower meadow
  • Plant: September – December
  • Position: Part shade
  • Preferred soil type: Rich, preferably alkaline soil which does not dry out during summer
  • Flowers usually after daffodils and before tulips

Additional info

  • Generally disease free, but protect from slugs
  • Keep soil moist after planting and during the growing period
  • Mulch with compost
  • Bulbs must not be eaten