Wolf Garten Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle

EAN: 4009269232203 | MPN: FHN


Use the Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle for quick and accurate planting. Removes and holds soil ready for you to release over planted bulbs.

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The Wolf Garten Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle helps plant bulbs quickly and evenly.

Ideal for uniform planting or if you have lots of bulbs to plant, this planter will help you plant fast with very little effort.

A serrated edge cuts into the ground with ease and cuts approximately 6cm³, whilst the side gauge allows for a depth of up to 10cm. The gauge includes handy measurement indicators for 5cm and 10cm, making it suitable for planting most bulbs.

Suitable for both left and right handed use and easy to use. Simple to use in three easy steps:

  1. Push the tool into the soil to the required depth
  2. Twist, lift and plant the bulb in the hole
  3. Press the handle to release the soil back

This method allows for the twisted and lifted soil to be directly placed back over the top of the bulb, as the tool retains the soil, so there’s less mess and you’ll get the job done faster.

Suitable for all gardeners, from beginners to professionals. This high quality tool is built to last, so you can enjoy using it again and again.


  • Universal bulb planter (for left or right handed)
  • Plants bulbs quickly
  • Ideal for uniform planting
  • Creates hole size: 6cm³
  • Side measure gauge indicators: 5cm & 10cm
  • Sharp serrated blades to cut into soil
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • High quality
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Additional info

  • Keep sharp tools stored safely away from children and pets
  • Measurements are approximate for bulb planters