Empathy Bulb Starter with rootgrow

Empathy Bulb Starter with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is the perfect blend of bio-active components for better bulbs.


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Empathy Bulb Starter with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi has the perfect blend of bio-active components to grow better plants from bulbs.

Ideal for improving the quality of flowers grown from planted bulbs and prolonging flowering periods for brighter, more colourful and longer displays.

Bulb Starter is biologically active and will promote the growth of strong, healthy flowers that last for longer each year.

Natural humates within Bulb Starter contain necessary organic acids to build fertile soil. Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi helps bulbs to develop secondary root systems to supply extra nutrients and moisture to growing plants.

So, remember to use this useful Bulb Starter when planting your seasonal bulbs.


  • Helps to increase nutrient uptake
  • Improved flowering
  • Prolongs flowering periods
  • Encourages better germination
  • Contains vermiculite to improve drainage and aeration
  • Seaweed meal to supply natural auxins needed for healthy root development
  • Mycorrhizal fungi is 100% UK produced

Pack sizes

  • 500g pack treats up to 50 bulbs
  • 250g pack treats up to 25 bulbs


  • 5-10g for small bulbs or corms
  • 10-20g for large bulbs or tubers
  • Place Bulb Starter into the base of the planting hole
  • Plant directly onto Bulb Starter & backfill, then water

Additional info

  • Bulbs can be planted two or three times their own depth into soil, with the bulb head facing upwards and ensure there are no air gaps near the bulb
  • Some bulbs like Dahlias, should ideally be removed and stored in a dry, frost free place over the winter
  • Shake well before use
  • One handful is approximately 10g
  • Bulb Starter is peat free
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