Vitax Q4 All Purpose Liquid Plant Food (1 Litre)

This finest feed contains a unique formula which boosts rooting and optimises nutrient uptake.


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Vitax Q4 All Purpose Liquid Plant Food is a high performance concentrated fertiliser for use indoors or around the garden.

If you’re looking to produce bigger plants with more flowers and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables, this is a perfect feed. It has an NPK of 3-3-6 as well as having additional trace elements to help rooting and optimise uptake of nutrients. Q4 also contain humates and seaweed.

Each 1 litre bottle will make 225 litres of Vitax Q4 fertiliser, which is the equivalent to 50 x 1 gallon watering cans, making it a cost effective way to feed your plants even though this is a quality fertiliser.


  • Great value for money this 1 litre bottle makes up to 50 watering cans
  • All purpose feed can be used indoors or around the garden
  • Contains seaweed, humates and trace elements
  • NPK: 3-3-6 for larger plants, with more flowers
  • Ideal for bumper crops of fruit and vegetables
  • Crops can be harvested and eaten as normal after feeding
  • Enriched with organic nutrients

Gardening tips

  • Please read the label before use
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Wash produce before eating
  • Always wear gloves when gardening
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