What is the best Weber Gas BBQ?

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Weber Barbecues are renowned for being the number one BBQ brand in the world. Standing for quality and ease of use, Weber gas grills are built to last, come with long warranties and are packed with innovations that make for better barbecuing. Burners you can depend on, combined with industry-leading design makes owning a Weber Gas BBQ a delight. Add to this Weber’s range of grillware and accessories that are redefining what can be achieved on an outdoor griil and you have the perfect recipe for outdoor cooking excellence.

Weber Gas Barbecues come in four main ranges: Spirit II, Spirit Classic, Genesis II, Genesis and Summit; each of which have their own merits. With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect barbecue for your outdoor space. What is the best Weber gas BBQ for you, also depends on how you want to use your new barbecue.

To get a good idea of the features you’re looking for in a Weber gas grill, consult our easy guide to the best Weber Gas BBQs in the Weber range below, which will give you an overview of the capabilities of our collection of the best Weber Gas BBQs. We also have a handy table of all the key features of each Weber gas barbecue in our range for you to compare between models easily to help you choose the best grill for your needs. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can head straight to our carefully curated collection of the best Weber Gas Barbecues, available all year round in our official Weber World Store.

Some background to Weber Gas BBQs

The iconic Weber Kettle charcoal barbecue became so successful after its launch in the 1950s, that Weber soon launched a Gas Barbecue range with the same lid-down for flavour cooking philosophy as its Kettle barbecues, and the Weber Gas Grill range was born. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Weber’s gas barbecues grew in popularity, and this period ushered in the introduction of its classic square stand-up BBQ designs that many people envisage when thinking of gas barbecues to this day.

Modern Weber gas barbecues have come a long way since those days, and now it’s possible to cook almost anything outdoors that you can cook on an indoor domestic oven. Convenience and speed might still be the main qualities of a dependable gas barbecue, but as well as being a doddle to use, these are also well-designed, desirable, feature-rich machines that can cook to perfection anything from a perfectly-seared steak, to mouth-watering fresh pizza or even a full cooked breakfast. And of course all their gas grills come with Weber’s legendary craftsmanship and build quality. You can trust these great garden barbecues to deliver perfect al fresco dining experiences for many years to come.

Benefits of Spirit II Gas Barbecues

The popular Weber Spirit II Gas Barbecue range is made with all the care and quality you associate with Weber. Appealing in particular to families that also like to entertain, these are reliable barbecues that won’t let you down, whether you’re grilling a simple meal, or a more elaborate feast.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 GBS Gas Barbecue is a 2-burner compact gas grill that’s ideal for small spaces and it comes packed full with a range of handy features. Perfect for a patio, terrace, balcony or garden the generous cooking area has enough space to comfortably feed 6 people at once. The open cart design makes it easy to access the storage shelf and grease tray, plus one of the side tables folds down for handy storage of the barbecue. So if you’re cooking for 2 or catering for 6 this compact Weber barbecue ticks a lot of boxes.

Step up to the Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS Gas Grill Barbecue and discover a 3-burner BBQ with simplicity and convenience. This barbecue is ideal for feeding the whole family as well as catering for medium sized parties, with space on the grate for up to 15 burgers at a time. For handy storage, the left hand side tables folds down, saving precious space. Looking sleek finished in grey with a stainless steel frame, it is perfect for cooking tender joints of meat indirectly, as well as grilling juicy cuts.

Handy for when you want to heat up sauces, or stir-fry vegetables at the BBQ, The Weber Spirit II E-320 GBS Gas Grill Barbecue adds a side burner to the features of the Weber Spirit II E-310, so you can prepare a full meal for your guests, without stepping away from the grill.

Benefits of Spirit Classic Gas Barbecues

Weber Spirit Classic Gas Barbecues are beautifully designed sleek grills for small to medium-sized families, with handy storage cabinets and sear stations. Plus with endless cooking options, thanks to Weber’s Gourmet Barbecue System, you can stick to the classics or experiment with something new.

Brand new for 2024 is the Weber Spirit Classic E-220s Gas Grill Barbecue – a 2-burner gas BBQ that makes an impressive option for smaller outdoor spaces. Finished in black and grey, it will fit in with almost any garden design, with storage inside the cabinet for a gas cannister or some BBQ utensils. Plus you can bring the flavour of your favourite restaurant home with Weber’s high-heat Sear Zone that locks in flavour and tenderness to multiple steaks at a time for delicious results every time.

New to our collection in 2024 is the Weber Spirit Classic E-330 Gas Grill Barbecue , a 3-burner gas barbecue with a host of essential BBQ features. With sleek, ultra-modern black and grey looks and a cabinet for storing a gas bottle and grill utensils, this impressive barbecue also features a side burner, for heating sauces and sautéing , as well as Weber’s high-heat sear zone, for unleashing restaurant-standard flavour onto several steaks at once. Just perfect for feeding a medium-sized family.

Enjoy perfectly cooked food every time when you use the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS Smart Barbecue with real-time food monitoring from this 3-burner gas grill, beamed direct to your smart-phone or tablet letting you know when your food is cooked just as you like it. As well as the smart technology that helps you achieve perfect results, this Weber barbecue comes with a gas bottle storage bay and a closed cabinet which is handy for storing grillware and utensils so they’re close at hand when you need them.

Benefits of Genesis II Gas Barbecues

With more space on the grill and higher power than the Spirit ranges, the Weber Genesis II collection is designed to appeal to those that love entertaining. With gas tank storage in the handy side bay, and plenty of storage on the shelf, the open cart design is lightweight, and easy to move into place in the garden.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS Gas Barbecue is a brilliant 3-burner gas grill that’s perfect for family gatherings, thanks to its generous cooking area and powerful gas burners that get the best results from any BBQ food, whether you’re grilling sausages, or roasting a whole chicken with mouthwateringly tender flesh and perfectly crisp skin. The open cart design and large wheels make it easy to move into place in the garden, whilst you’ll find gas bottle storage at the side of the barbecue, and ample space for grillware and utensils on the central shelf.

Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS Gas Barbecue, facing left

Perfect for feeding large numbers of people in fine style, the Weber Genesis II E-410 GBS Gas Barbecue is a 4-burner gas BBQ with a large cooking area, so more people can be cooked for simultaneously. This easy to use large gas BBQ is ideal for exploring the many styles of barbecue cooking that can be done using the Weber GBS cooking grates, from roasting whole chickens infused with BBQ flavour, to baking perfect BBQ pizza. Compatible with the Weber iGrill system, this can take the guesswork out of grilling and improve your BBQ game.

Benefits of Genesis Gas Barbecues

First introduced in 2023, the new Weber Genesis range of outdoor garden grills takes luxury gas barbecuing to new heights. With five grills in this impressive line-up, these barbecues are designed to appeal to food-loving barbecuers, who want to experience the simplicity of creating amazing food outdoors where the party is.

Helping you get the best out of BBQ food, the new for 2024 Weber Genesis E-315 Gas Grill Barbecue features Weber Crafted grillware compatibility for more room on the grate to bake pizza, grill steaks, or for the ultimate show-stopping performance at the grill, sizzle small and delicate items such as fajitas and full cooked breakfasts. With room on the grate for up to 20 medium sized burgers at a time, this Weber 3-burner BBQ will give you many years of faithful good service.

The Weber Genesis E-325S Gas Barbecue adds a large high-heat sear zone to the Weber Genesis E-315, so the whole party can receive their perfectly-cooked steaks simultaneously.

Adding a side burner to the Weber Genesis E-325S, the Weber Genesis E-335 Gas Barbecue is the ultimate foodie’s barbecue for cooking a whole meal from the Grill for a medium-sized gathering. Alternatively, it makes a great everyday BBQ as it’s really convenient and easy to use.

The Weber E-415 Genesis Gas Gas Grill Barbecue is a 4-burner barbecue that will be the new centre of your social life. Built for entertaining, it can also be used for smaller everyday meals. With plenty of room on the grill and a host of cooking styles to explore, this is a fantastic barbecue that won’t let you down when you need it most.

The 4-burner Weber Genesis E-435 Gas Barbecue helps you enjoy a range of gas grilling styles, from burgers to stir-fries with grilling, baking and steaming in-between. Plus with Weber’s high-heat sear zone, multiple steaks can be seared at once for the most delicious and tender steak imaginable. Meanwhile, at the side of the barbecue is a side burner for preparing sauces and vegetables. With this barbecue, Weber really have thought of everything you need to cater for a large gathering.

Benefits of Summit Gas Barbecues

The Weber Summit Gas Barbecues represent the absolute pinnacle of barbecue excellence. Extra-large gas grills which are rich in features and are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, these barbecues make an impressive statement in the garden and where they will be the centrepiece of any larger gathering.

More than simply a BBQ, the show stopping Weber Summit FS38 Gas Grill Barbecue is a luxury food hub with everything you require to serve perfect al fresco gourmet treats. This stunning 5 burner gas BBQ has room for a complete menu at once thanks to the acres of space on the two extra-large cooking grates. The best Rotisserie and Sear Zone in the business produce delicious tender, succulent meat with a crispy caramelised exterior that your guests are guaranteed to love, plus a smoker imparts that classic BBQ taste to meat as it cooks. This impressive top of the line outdoor grill has everything you need to enjoy modern gas barbecuing at its very best.

Compare outdoor grill features to help you choose the best Weber Gas BBQ

Weber gas grills are known for their impressive features, which make owning and cooking on a Weber BBQ an absolute delight. You can use our handy table below to compare models in our Weber Gas BBQ collection to help choose the models which make it onto your shortlist.

Weber Gas BBQ Range Overview 2024

How to buy the best Weber Gas BBQ

Hopefully that’s helped choose the best Weber gas BBQ for your needs. If you have any questions about any of our range of barbecues or accessories, then feel free to contact the friendly grill specialists in our official Weber World Store on 01664 454309. With many years of BBQ experience between them, our helpful and knowledgeable team will be pleased to answer any questions and talk through the options available. Alternatively, you can shop our range of Weber Gas BBQs or our full range of Weber Barbecues, Fuel and Accessories that will to hep you get the very best out of any grill.

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