What is the best Weber Portable BBQ?

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There’s something about cooking over fire in the great outdoors that awakens a deep primal stirring within the soul. If you are considering taking your barbecuing on the go, then you might be wondering what is the best Weber portable BBQ? Here, we’ll be looking at what sets apart the portable models, available all year round in our official Weber World Store to help you pick the perfect portable BBQ to suit your needs for grilling in the great outdoors.

Weber Portable Barbecues are compact, light and easy to pack BBQs which are easy to start, safe to use and fit neatly with your travel items. With five collections to choose from: Smokey Joe, Go-Anywhere, Q, Traveler and Lumin, and models that range from portable charcoal BBQs and table top gas BBQs to even an electric grill, there are many options to consider which all have unique strengths. And of course, they all come with legendary Weber build quality. From a full cooked breakfast whilst camping, to burgers on the beach, or grilled meat and vegetables for a picnic supper, these grills are all about making lasting memories. Of course being small and compact, all our Weber portable barbecues also double-up as fantastic grills for patios, balconies or small spaces too, making them equally handy for home or away use. So whether you’re looking for the perfect barbecue to take camping with you, or to go to the park with, read on to discover our recommendations.

The steps to finding which Weber Portable BBQ is perfect for you are very simple: 1) Ask yourself, what you would like to cook on your new barbecue and where you would like to use it 2) Read our summary of the key benefits of each charcoal BBQ in our overview of Weber’s Portable BBQs (below) 3) to easily compare features between different models, consult our Weber portable BBQ features overview (below) which will give you an idea of the capabilities of each barbecue in our fantastic range. If you already know what you are looking for, then you can head straight to our our carefully curated selection of the best Weber portable barbecues for sale.

Benefits of Weber Portable Charcoal BBQs

If you love building a fire to cook over, then what could be better than the smell of charcoal smoke and barbecued food whilst you’re out and about enjoying some of mother nature’s most incredible backdrops? This really is the very definition of nirvana for the soul. Our Weber portable charcoal BBQs are perfect to take along on your adventures, and you’ll soon fall in love with the features that make them a delight to use.

The incredibly cute Weber Smokey Joe Premium is available in Slate Blue, Black, Crimson and Smoke Grey colourways so you’re sure to find a colour which suits your style.

Perfect for packing into the car and heading into the great outdoors due to its rectangular design, The Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Barbecue has a slightly larger cooking grate than the Smokey Joe. There is room to cook up to 8 medium sized burgers at once, plus with two adjustable vents, it’s easy to control the cooking temperature for perfect results.

Benefits of Weber Portable Gas BBQs

Modern portable gas barbecues, can be just as adventurous as their charcoal-fuelled counterparts. With Weber’s lid-down-for-taste philosophy, full-on flame-grilled flavour is guaranteed on these grills. With no need to carry messy charcoal around and being easily controlled by the simple twist of a knob, each of these barbecues make great companions on a trip out, or can equally be used for back garden grilling. All of these barbecues can be used with Weber’s disposable gas cannisters, or can be adapted to run on full-size patio gas cannisters for garden use.

Perfect for use in smaller outdoor spaces, the Weber Q 1200 Gas BBQ with Stand is ideal for garden use as well as taking on holiday. Easily removed from the stand to take on the go, this outdoor barbecue will fit on just about any patio or terrace, with enough space to cook for a number of people with perfect results. Folding side tables stow away neatly for storage, but provide extra space for preparation and serving when the barbecue is in use.

Folding quickly and easily, the Weber Traveler Compact Gas Grill Barbecue with Travel Cart is ready for travel & storage. Whether you’re camping or picnicking, this Weber Gas BBQ is the perfect travel companion for a safe and clean barbecue experience in the great outdoors, thanks to the integrated Travel Cart which makes light work of rough terrain. Designed to fit neatly into the boot of a car, and with rugged wheels, this compact Weber BBQ is really easy to transport to wherever you need it.

Being slightly larger than the Traveler Compact, the Weber Traveler Gas Grill Barbecue with Travel Cart is perfect for preparing meals when you’re out and about. Ensuring everyone gets their food at the same time, the large grate fits up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages at once, . With add-on accessories such as a griddle attachment and a full range of cooking heat from low to high, you’ll be able to sear steaks, grill juicy chicken, and even make fluffy pancakes for breakfast. Meanwhile, there’s ample space on the side table for the important things, like resting BBQ utensils on or maybe a drink for the chef.

Benefits of Weber Portable Electric BBQs

Although perhaps not a portable BBQ in the true sense of the word, due to the necessity for a power source, electric barbecues make fantastic camping BBQs, as well as great balcony BBQs, where there may be restrictions on the use of open flames. These days you can cook in a whole range of BBQ styles using an electric grill, and what’s more they’re typically efficient and environmentally-friendly to run. Weber electric BBQs are also really easy to operate with just a simple twist of the dial.

The compact, multifunction Weber Lumin Compact Electric Grill Barbecue sears, smokes, steams and boils food with ease, delivering big taste in a small footprint. Making a great camping or urban BBQ, a dedicated smoke setting adds that smoky barbecue taste that Weber barbecues are known for, by gently infusing your food with real wood smoke whilst it cooks. And once it is finished, food can be kept warm for a buffet-style self service experience.

Compare our portable outdoor grills to help you choose the best Weber Portable BBQ

Weber portable grills have a list of impressive features, which make owning and cooking on a Weber BBQ an absolute delight. Each of these barbecues has been designed with barbecuers who’d like to get out and about in mind, and performs to a high standard. They are also built to last for many years of enjoyment, giving you complete peace of mind. You can use our handy table below to compare models in the exceptional Weber portable BBQ range, to help guide the models which make it onto your shortlist.

What's the best Weber portable BBQ comparison

How to buy the best Weber Portable BBQ

Hopefully that’s helped choose the best Weber portable BBQ for your needs. If you have any questions about any of our range of barbecues or accessories, then feel free to contact the friendly grill specialists in our official Weber World Store on 01664 454309. With many years of BBQ experience between them, our helpful and knowledgeable team will be pleased to answer any questions and talk through the options available. Alternatively, you can shop our range of Weber Portable BBQs or our full range of Weber Barbecues, Fuel and Accessories that will help you get the very best out of any grill.

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