What’s new for Lemax Christmas 2023?

Lemax 2023 Buildings in Snow

The build-up to Christmas is a time to engage in cherished holiday traditions. This time of joy and celebration, is made even more magical with the addition of a Lemax Christmas Village. The buildings and figurines are designed to be collectible, with new additions released every year. Each piece tells a story and refreshing the collections every year in this way builds on the overall narrative, making it an exciting hobby for enthusiasts who enjoy building and expanding their village over time. With the Christmas build-up in mind, we are taking a timely look at What’s New for Lemax Christmas 2023.

What makes Lemax Christmas villages so special?

A Lemax Christmas village is more than just a collection of miniature buildings and figurines; it is an evocative festive tradition that transports you to a magical world of holiday enchantment. With intricate details, hand-painted craftsmanship, and delightful animation, a Lemax village captures the essence of the holiday season, bringing warmth and joy to any home.

As the Christmas village is assembled and expanded year after year, it becomes a cherished family tradition, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that evokes memories of cosy winter nights, joyful gatherings, and the spirit of Christmas. The vibrant lights, bustling scenes, and whimsical characters create a festive ambiance that ignites the imagination and fills your heart with the wonder and delight in the holiday season.

Truly embodying the magic of Christmas, a Lemax village makes a cherished and engaging pursuit for generations to come. Encouraging creativity, imagination, and collaboration; building and decorating your own village can be a fun activity for the whole family and is an enjoyable tradition to share with loved ones.

They offer a wide range of building blocks for you to get started, including houses, fairground rides, shops, trains, figurines, animals, street accessories, landscaping elements and much more. Our Lemax range is split into seven different collections; Caddington Village, Vail Village, Santa’s Wonderland, Carnival, Harvest Crossing, Plymouth Corners and General Products. This extensive selection allows the user to personalise and expand their village according to preference and creativity, so that each Christmas scene is unique.

Lemax is continuously being updated with new creations, allowing the user to add to their village over time and keep it fresh. With every piece having its own unique tale to tell, it’s the perfect time to see what’s new for Lemax in 2023. The guide is broken down by villages for simplicity. To navigate to your chosen village, simply click on the image or follow the link in the text.

Various items from Lemax Caddington Village are arranged on a table with a green background.

What’s new for Lemax Caddington Village Christmas 2023?

Caddington Village is the largest village in the Lemax collection, with over 190 different buildings and accessories to choose from. This allows the user to create a truly immersive and detailed village scene.

A lot of the pieces are set in the Victorian era, giving it a charming and nostalgic feel. With beautifully detailed buildings and figures which are reminiscent of days gone by, evoking festive seasons past. However there is also an extensive selection of modern pieces throughout the collection.

Explore What’s new for Lemax Caddington Village Christmas 2023?

Various items from Lemax Vail Village arranged in a snowscape with a blue background.

What’s new for Lemax Vail Village Christmas 2023?

Vail Village is Lemax’s charming Alpine ski town, full of exciting winter sports, snow-topped trees, wood cabins, furry creatures and villagers dressed in their warmest woolly hats and scarves.

The Vail Village pieces can be mixed and matched to build a beautiful Christmas display, that’s filled with thrills and the snowy Alpine setting is certain to put anyone in the festive mood.

Find out What’s new for Lemax Vail Village Christmas 2023?

Several items from the Lemax Santa's Wonderland Collection arranged in a snowscape.

What’s new for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Christmas 2023?

Santa’s Wonderland depicts the magical world of Mr Claus, Mrs Claus and all their many elves. You can see the world around them and all the places they make our presents and other festive gifts in.

Pieces from this collection are sure to bring classic Christmas magic to your display. Full of colourful decorations and whimsical flourishes, this is a Lemax village which will be popular with the whole family during the holiday season.

Browse What’s new for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Christmas 2023?

Several items from the Lemax Plymouth Corners collection are arranged in a seaside village with the sea visible through windows in the background.

What’s new for Lemax Plymouth Corners Christmas 2023?

Plymouth Corners is a charming New England seaside village with all the nautical elements you would expect from Lemax, such as anchors, boats, fish, rocky beaches, lovely clear blue water, working docks, rustic lighthouses and quirky bed & breakfasts.

A visit to Plymouth Corners is packed full of coastal adventures for families and fishermen alike.

Discover What’s new for Lemax Plymouth Corners Christmas 2023?

Various items from the Lemax Carnival Collection are arranged on a tabletop against a blue background.

What’s new for Lemax Carnival Collection Christmas 2023?

Thrilling rides, carnival games, stalls, miniature figures and accessories from the Lemax Carnival Collection will excite people of all ages. Many of the classic fairground rides and game stalls come with movement and music which will bring nostalgic memories to mind.

From the multi-coloured lights to the motion of the rides, this Lemax village is sure to capture the attention of all your friends and family.

Learn What’s new for Lemax Carnival Collection Christmas 2023?

Various items from the Lemax Harvest Crossing Collection arranged on a tabletop in front of a sunset backdrop.

What’s new for Lemax Harvest Crossing Christmas 2023?

The Lemax Harvest Crossing Collection is designed in a warm architectural style that welcomes old friends and newcomers alike. With a nostalgic look back at simpler times, this collection brings back the good old days with buildings such as farmhouses, exquisite barns, wishing wells and stone mills.

You truly feel a small town welcome as the sun sets low over Harvest Crossing.

Explore What’s new for Lemax Harvest Crossing Christmas 2023?

Several items from the Lemax General Products Collection arranged on a table top with a glittering background.

What’s new for Lemax General Products Christmas 2023?

Lemax General Products are designed to be used across a wide range of themed displays, whether it’s table accents, figurines, lit buildings or sights and sounds pieces, these items are there to be mixed and matched with any style of Lemax Christmas Village.

Explore What’s new for Lemax General Products in Christmas 2023?

Lemax Buildings for 2023 at night


That concludes our round-up of what’s new for Lemax in 2023. With so many new options to add to your village displays this year, we’re sure you’ll find something in one of the Collections that will fire up your imagination and help celebrate the holiday season in bold and colourful style.

As well as buildings, we also stock a substantial range of miniature figures, vehicles, bulbs, accessories and power adaptors that will really make your display pop with enchantment. You can shop our full Lemax Collection online, or view our extraordinary Lemax display in-store after our grand opening on 30th September. Don’t forget we also sell a wonderful selection of modelling scenery, decorations and landscaping accessories from My Village to add touches of interest and realism that will make your unique display a step above the rest.

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