What is the best Weber Charcoal BBQ?

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If you’re looking for a little help choosing what is the best Weber Charcoal BBQ you’ve come to the right place. It can seem daunting choosing between the models in the Weber Charcoal Barbecue range, so we have made this handy guide to assist you. In essence the decision comes down to how you would like to use your new barbecue.

The steps to finding which Weber Charcoal BBQ is perfect for you are very simple: 1) Ask yourself, what you would like to cook on your new barbecue 2) Read a summary of the key benefits of each charcoal BBQ in our range overview of Weber’s Charcoal BBQs 3) to easily compare features between different models, consult our Weber Charcoal BBQ features overview (below) which will give you an idea of the capabilities of each barbecue in our fantastic range of Weber charcaol BBQs.

Alternatively, if you already know what you’re looking for, you can head straight to our carefully curated collection of the best Weber Charcoal BBQs, available all year round in our official Weber World Store.

About Weber charcoal BBQs

Weber charcoal barbecues have a rich history that dates back over 70 years. Before Weber, charcoal grills had always been open to the elements, but the real revolution came when George Stephen in 1952 cut a metal buoy in half, using the bottom half as a bowl, which he then fitted with a lid and grill rack.

The result was an innovative design for the first Weber charcoal barbecue that not only cooked food evenly but also kept it moist and tender. Plus the lid-down design enhanced the smoky flavours from the smouldering charcoal.

The simple design took the world by storm, and Weber kettle barbecues can now be seen in gardens, on patios, balconies and other outdoor spaces all over the globe. The lid-down-for-flavour design has been carried through to all Weber Barbecues, which remain coveted for their renowned ease of use, maximum flavour and weather-resistant durability. We think these are the qualities that set Weber Barbecues apart as being the best barbecues for sale.

A brief range overview of Weber’s charcoal BBQs

The incredibly cute Weber Smokey Joe Premium is available in Slate Blue, Black, Crimson and Smoke Grey colourways so you’re sure to find a colour which suits your style.

Perfect for packing into the car and heading into the great outdoors due to its rectangular design, The Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Barbecue has a slightly larger cooking grate than the Smokey Joe. There is room to cook up to 8 medium sized burgers at once, plus with two adjustable vents, it’s easy to control the cooking temperature for perfect results.

Designed for small spaces and easy to move around the garden thanks to it’s modest size and all-weather wheels, the Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 47cm is the entry-level Weber Kettle. Perfect for grilling simple food like burgers, sausages and fish fillets, its features set it apart from many cheaper hardware store-branded barbecues. For example, porcelain-enamalled bowl and lid which are warrantied for a huge 10 years, plus two rust-free aluminium vents which make controlling the cooking temperature easy.

Also available is the Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal Grill Barbecue 57cm, for those that would like a full 57cm cooking grate that’s simple to use and easy to manoeuvre.

A true icon of backyard barbecuing, the legendary Weber Original Kettle E-5710 Charcoal Grill Barbecue 57cm can be traced straight back to George Stephen’s original grill. The bowl is deeper than the Compacts, to allow cooking of larger cuts of meat or roasts, plus, helping you to reach the ideal temperature for indirect cooking, Weber includes a lid thermometer.

Perfect for smoking, searing and grilling food, the Weber Original Kettle E-5730 Charcoal Grill Barbecue 57cm has a similar classic Kettle design to the E-5710. With additional features including a one-touch cleaning system, which we consider indispensable as it makes clearing and emptying ash simplicity itself, plus a smoke setting on the vents to help moderate the temperature of the grill; this is a go-to grill for moderating the temperature on extended low and slow cooks of larger cuts of meat.

Building on the design of the Original Kettles, the Weber Master-Touch GBS C-5750 Charcoal Barbecue 57cm is a versatile kettle barbecue which adds Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) cooking grates so you can enjoy exploring even more exciting barbecue food such as delicious crispy BBQ pizza with oozing toppings using a Premium Grilling Stone, or lock in flavour and tenderness with the Weber Sear Grate – even breakfasts, fajitas and stir fries are easy to make. A Tuck-Away lid holder keeps the lid to one side, so you can easily tend to the grill with two hands, plus there’s bracket to use with an iGrill accessory, which takes the guesswork out of grilling (iGrill purchased separately).

As well as the desirable Smoke Grey colourway shown here, the Master-Touch also comes in three other striking colours: Ocean Blue, Black and Slate Blue.

The Weber Master-Touch GBS Premium SE E-5775 Charcoal Grill Barbecue 57cm creates the perfect conditions for low and slow cooking of cuts of meat such as brisket or pork shoulder by using a char ring which helps fuel burn for longer, as well as a diffuser plate which dampens heat. With a hinged lid for easily accessing the grill and GBS grill grates for exploring innovative BBQ dishes this stunning Weber BBQ can do it all.

New for 2024, the Weber Master-Touch Crafted Charcoal Grill BBQ 67cm is the iconic Weber Kettle Barbecue made bigger and with even more innovative features. With a full 67cm diameter grill, there’s plenty of space for cooking copious amounts of food to cater for larger gatherings. Like other Master-Touch BBQs, it is compatible with Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) cookware, and as well as this, the extra space can accommodate Weber Crafted grillware for creating dishes such as delicious BBQ pizza with a crisp base and melted oozing toppings, baked cookies and desserts with flame-kissed flavour, roasted veg, delicate seafood, seared steaks, or for the ultimate show-stopping performances at the grill, sizzled fajitas and even full English breakfasts. With all that space on the grill and packed full of features, this looks set to be the sociable foodie’s go-to BBQ.

Based on a design that stretches back over 30 years, the Weber Performer Deluxe GBS Charcoal Grill Barbecue 57cm is a luxury barbecue that’s fully equipped to comfortably cook a feast for friends and family. With push-button simplicity, the charcoal is lit by gas, so there is no need for messy firelighters. Plenty of space is available for chopping or resting a tray on the large metal side table, whilst underneath, the open cart design includes a rain-proof charcoal bin store and a shelf for housing grill accessories.

Probably our favourite Weber Charcoal Barbecue, the Summit Kamado E6 E6 Charcoal Grill Barbecue is a top of the range BBQ with a generous 61cm cooking grate. Built with smoking, searing and grilling in mind it’s packed full of features, such s as dual-walled insulation to lock in heat for long and efficient all-day smoking, plus char baskets that can be arranged for cooking directly or indirectly at two heights, giving a choice of different cooking styles.

Comparison of features on Weber charcoal BBQs

Weber charcoal grills are known for their impressive features, which make owning and cooking on a Weber BBQ an absolute delight. You can use our handy table below to compare models in the Weber Charcoal BBQ range to help guide the models which make it onto your shortlist.

Weber Charcoal BBQ Range Overview 2024

How to buy the best Weber Charcoal BBQ

Hopefully that’s helped choose the best Weber charcoal BBQ for your needs. If you have any questions about any of our range of barbecues or accessories, then feel free to contact the friendly grill specialists in our official Weber World Store on 01664 454309. With many years of BBQ experience between them, our helpful and knowledgeable team will be pleased to answer any questions and talk through the options available. Alternatively, you can shop our range of Weber Charcoal Barbecues, or our full range of Weber Barbecues, Fuel and Accessories that will to hep you get the very best out of any grill.

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