What’s new for Lemax Plymouth Corners Christmas 2023?

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Plymouth Corners by Lemax is all about the coastal charm of a traditional New England Seaside resort at Christmas time. Look out for nautical elements, such as anchors, boats, fish, rocky beaches, lovely clear blue water, working docks, rustic lighthouses and quirky bed & breakfasts. Blue might be the feature colour for this model village, but no-one’s got the blues as there’s plenty to do for the fishermen that work here, as well as the families enjoying the holiday season. Read on to discover What’s new for Lemax Plymouth Corners Christmas 2023? You are sure to find some great new pieces to change up your Christmas village display.

New pieces for our Lemax Plymouth Corners Collection in 2023

Lemax Ledford's Landing is a porcelain replica for a model  village. The slim three story brown building has several roofs and signs advertising their boat excursions.
Lemax Ledford’s Landing
Lemax The Crab Shack is a blue and grey building with a curved main roof and a pitched smaller roof. There is a colourful sign on the eaves advertising the Crab Shack. Inside the viewer can see some diners, whilst outside there is a blue and white awning and a low wooden barrier around the riverside property.
Lemax The Crab Shack
Lemax Water Taxi Cafe is a porcelain replica for a model village of a riverside cafe, The green and brown Tudor building features a brown pitched snowy roof and has several signs advertising the cafe.
Lemax Water Taxi Café

Lemax Ledford’s Landing is a three-story building selling excursions on the river to visitors of Plymouth Corners, meanwhile the Water Taxi Café is the place to stop for a quick meal when commuting on the ferry. Both pieces are new to Lemax Plymouth Corners in 2023 . Having originally been introduced by Lemax in 2020, The Crab Shack is new to the Gates Lemax Collection this year. This lively-looking building serves the best seafood fayre for miles around, perfect as a handy stopping-off point on a waterside-location in any Lemax village display.

Lemax The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing
Lemax The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter
Lemax At The Park
Lemax At The Park

Originally released by Lemax in 2021, The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing is new to our Collection this year. A charming three story wooden fishing cabin sitting right on the beach edge with water touching 3 of the 4 sides, this makes it a great piece to add to your seaside inspired model village. Lemax At The Park is also new to our Lemax Collection this year, having been released by Lemax in 2006. Perfect for adding a touch of realism to a model village display, the decoration features a traditional park bench with a father and son. The little boy is sat on his dad’s lap as they feed the little ducks beside them. Sitting on a snowy white base, this decoration is ideal for a park or rural street scene.


We hope you enjoyed our round-up of What’s new for Lemax Plymouth Corners Christmas 2023? You can come view our magnificent Lemax display unveiled in-store at the garden centre’s grand Christmas opening on the 30th September 2023 and thereafter. Alternatively you can shop our full collection of Lemax Plymouth Corners online or you can return to the What’s new for Lemax Christmas 2023? blog to see what’s new in the other Lemax villages. Don’t forget we also sell a wonderful selection of modelling scenery, decorations and landscaping accessories from My Village to add touches of interest and realism that will complete your Lemax display.

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