What’s new for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Christmas 2023?

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Whimsical is the watchword when it comes to the Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Collection. Think fun buildings with colourful decorations, lights and bustling action aplenty as Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves busy themselves preparing for the big day. Featuring all the thrills and excitement with a sprinkling of Christmas magic. Read on, to discover What’s new for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Christmas 2023?

New buildings for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland in 2023

Lemax Tea with Mrs Claus is a resin model from the Santa's Wonderland Collection, It features a large lit house with three pots of tea on the roof and a red banner which reads "Tea with Mrs CLaus". Some elves can be seen through the windows enjoying tea at Mrs Claus' house.
Lemax Tea With Mrs Claus
Lemax Hot Chocolate Spa is resin model of a chocolate spa. In the background is a traditional two story red green and brown building and in the foreground several elves are bathing in giant mugs of cocoa. Marshmallows are floating in the cocoa.
Lemax Hot Chocolate Spa
Lemax North Pole fun Fair is a resin model of a fun fair. Featuring penguins sliding down the snow, lights twinkling on a Christmas tree, interactive displays, carnival games, a gift shop and a ticket booth.
Lemax North Pole Fun Fair

Tea with Mrs Claus makes a stunning lit centrepiece for a Santa’s Wonderland display. Featuring three spinning teapots on the roof, a moving Elf, a smoking Chimney and a musical Christmas soundtrack. This will make a show-stopping addition to any style of Christmas village and is certain to be a new holiday favourite. Alternatively, Let your imagination run wild with the Hot Chocolate Spa. Featuring two large mugs of cocoa for guests to bathe in, they have everything for a relaxing and therapeutic experience and it’s sure to add a touch of whimsy to your display. The North Pole Fun Fair epitomises festive fun, offering rides and amusements for kids of all ages. Every time you look at this fantastic decoration, there is something new to see. From the penguins sliding down the snow to the lights twinkling on the tree, fabulous interactive displays, carnival games, homemade cocoa and the gift shop, plus a custom musical soundtrack. The sights and sounds on this fabulous piece will add new dimensions to a Lemax display.

Other new Arctic Lemax Santa’s Wonderland buildings for 2023

Lemax Santa's Reindeer Stables
Lemax Santa’s Reindeer Stables
Lemax Toy Making School
Lemax Toy Making School
Lemax Arctic Animal Sanctuary
Lemax Arctic Animal Sanctuary

No Santa’s Wonderland display is complete without Santa’s Reindeer Stables featuring Mr Claus himself, two elves and a reindeer preparing the sleigh for action, whilst three other reindeer are enjoying a snack in their elegant stable-house. There is also the Toy Making School which is a handsome tudor-style four story building, where elves go to learn their craft and due to its lofty size it will add height as well as interest to your village. The Arctic Animal Sanctuary is a home for wounded, lost or abandoned animals. This will add a poignant subject to a Lemax village, and it is certain to be a good talking point.

Smaller new Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Pieces for 2023

Lemax Mrs Claus' Gingerbread Bakery
Lemax Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread Bake
Lemax Santa's Village
Lemax Santa’s Village
Lemax Reindeer Snowman
Lemax Reindeer Snowman

The Santa’s Village façade captures all the North Pole buildings that contribute to Santa’s Christmas preparations in one lit piece; including Santa’s Home, the Sleigh Garage, Mrs Claus’ Bakery, The Elves’ Workshop, The North Pole Post Office and Reindeer Stables along with several elves busying themselves about the place. This peek into life at the North Pole is a fantastic façade which will make the perfect edging decoration on a village street. There’s never a dull moment at the North Pole. In the Reindeer Snowman piece, the elves are busy creating a Reindeer out of snow, complete with a multicoloured scarf and saddle. Meanwhile in Mrs Claus Gingerbread Bake, Mrs Claus can be found busying herself serving gingerbread, baked by Santa himself in a brick-built oven, to hungry elves. Using these new lively groups of figures are a wonderful way to refresh your village in 2023 and keep it modern, without breaking the bank.


We hope you enjoyed our round-up of What’s new for Lemax Santa’s Wonderland Christmas 2023? You can come view our magnificent Lemax display unveiled in-store at the garden centre’s grand Christmas opening on the 30th September 2023 and thereafter. Alternatively you can shop our full collection of Lemax Santa’s Wonderland for Sale online or you can return to the What’s new for Lemax Christmas 2023? blog to see what’s new in the other Lemax villages. Don’t forget we also sell a wonderful selection of modelling scenery, decorations and landscaping accessories from My Village to add touches of interest and realism that will complete your Lemax display.

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