Crocus ‘Blue Pearl’ (Crocus Biflorus)

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Originating from grasslands and sparse woods in Turkey and the Balkans, the Crocus ‘Blue Pearl’ grows best in well-drained soil. With faint lilac-blue petals and a golden yellow centre, these miniature flowers will stand out in the front of a border.

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Crocus ‘Blue Pearl’ (Crocus Biflorusis versatile and easy to grow. The bulbs produce lilac-blue flowers, with outer petals a darker shade and the inner petals a shade paler with a gold centre.

The bulbs bloom in February and March are suited to naturalising in unmown grass or in sunny parts of rockeries and borders. Best planted around 10cm deep in tight clusters to form drifts. To avoid any damage by mice or squirrels, lay chicken wire on top of the bulbs before covering them with soil.

If growing these bulbs in grass, be sure to avoid mowing until all of the leaves have completely died back.

Garden care

  • Faint pearly-blue flowers with a golden centre
  • Best planted in September to November
  • Position in full sunlight
  • Requires gritty, well-drained soil
  • Flowers in February to March
  • Average size: 8cm x 5cm
  • Pack of 12 bulbs