Taylors Peat Free Bulb Fibre (10 litres)

This fibrous mixture is a combination of composted bark, wood fibre and coir, as well as other nutrient filled elements. Use Taylors Peat Free Bulb Fibre to encourage strong and healthy growth for all types of bulbs, including edible crops.


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Taylors Peat Free Bulb Fibre is a rich, balanced blend of composted bark, wood fibre and coir, as well as lime, charcoal and oyster shell.

This bulb fibre is perfect for enriching all bulb types and helps to stimulate growth.

Simply pour the mixture and fill a pot or container to one third, place the bulb on top of the fibre, then fill the rest of the container with the fibre, ensuring the top of the neck of the bulb is still exposed.


  • Ready to use
  • Compost for strong & healthy growth
  • For improved growing
  • Suitable for all bulb types, including edible crops
  • 10 litre bag

Gardening tips

  • Wear gardening gloves when handling
  • Reconstitute Bulb Fibre between hands before use
  • Reseal bag after use
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight and garden chemicals

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