What’s new for Lemax Caddington Village Christmas 2023?

Lemax Caddington Village 2023

Being the largest village in the Lemax collection, Caddington Village naturally has lots of exciting additions to the range this year. Explore What’s new for Lemax Caddington Village Christmas 2023? here. From buildings to figures and vehicles to landscaping accessories, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the Caddington Village Collection from Lemax.

New Lemax Caddington Village shops and boutiques for 2023

Lemax Cranberry Hill Christmas Boutique
Lemax Cranberry Hill Christmas Boutique
The image shows a Lemax Let It Snow! building with a snowman sitting in front of it. The building is a small, one-story shop with a pastel coloured exterior and green striped awnings. One roof is covered in snow and the other is a bobble hat. The snowman is wearing a red hat, green scarf and blue jacket. There is a sign in front of the shop that says "Let It Snow!"
Lemax Let it Snow!
Lemax Over The Top Sweater Shop
Lemax Over The Top Sweater Shop

Known for its quirky shops and boutiques where you’re sure to find something unique on sale. New shops for 2023 include the Cranberry Hill Christmas Boutique for charming Christmas gifts, the Over the Top Sweater Shop for the most outlandish sweaters in Caddington, Let it Snow! for coats and sweaters that keep the villagers warm and cosy all season, St Nick’s Wooden Shoe Shop for traditional clogs, The Partridge & The Pear for interesting Christmas ornaments, Wagner & Sons cookware and decorative pieces , Fitzroy’s the Farrier for equine requirements, and Simpsons & Sons Opticians to give the villagers a clearer view of Caddington Village. Each of these individualistic buildings is sure to create an unconventional vibe in any village display.

New Lemax Caddington Village food service establishments for 2023

Lemax Carolers Cafe
Lemax Carolers Café

Lemax Miss Milly's Muffin Mill
Lemax Miss Milly’s Muffin Mill

The image shows a Lemax Derby & Sons Brewing Co. brick building with a beer tasting station. The building is two stories tall, with a red brick exterior and white windows. The roof is a dark brown slate. The beer tasting station is located in front of the building, and it is made of wood and metal. There are two tables with benches, and a sign that says "Beer Tasting Station." The building is decorated with Christmas lights, and there is a snowman in the foreground. The image is well-lit, and the details of the building and the beer tasting station are clear. The colors are vibrant, and the overall effect is festive and inviting.
Lemax Derby & Sons Brewing Co

Caddington Village has many charming food shops and cafés which bring a mellow yet magical atmosphere to your display. New for 2023 are Miss Milly’s Muffin Mill, full of tempting sweet treats, The Carolers Café where the festive singers come to eat, drink and be merry, Books & Brews festive corner cafe, Poppy’s Bakeshop serving the best desserts for miles around, the 3 Crowns Inn with the best food in town and cosy rooms, the Bell & Feather meeting spot, Carmella’s Wine & Chocolate Tasting Room for delicious treats, Lily’s Bed & Breakfast which is a welcoming sight for travellers with its soft beds and tasty food and Derby & Sons Brewing Co specialising in craft beers. These businesses offer the perfect outlets for villagers to stop off at and refuel in Caddington Village.

New Lemax Caddington Village other buildings for 2023

The image shows the Lemax Small Town Church with a cross on the front. The church is decorated with Christmas trees and presents. There is a bathtub Madonna in the foreground, and a snow-covered path. There is snow on the brown slate roof
Lemax Small Town Church
Lemax The Burgher's House shows a detailed replica of a three-story English Tudor style house in brown. Four of the windows have blue shutters and one is mullioned. It is decorated with Christmas trees, a red sash and two Christmas wreaths.
Lemax The Burgher’s House
a miniature porcelain house from the Lemax Village Collection called the House Warming. The house is decorated for a housewarming party, with a table set up on the front porch with food and drinks, and a wreath and red bows on the door. The windows are lit up, and there is a sign in the window that says "Our First Home!" The house is set on a white background.
Lemax House Warming

Other new buildings in Lemax Caddington Village in 2023 include St. Luke’s Church, which is beautifully lit & decorated, Small Town Church, which is lit up for the festive season welcoming all who enter, House Warming for the best cottage party in town and The Burgher’s House, which is an elegantly lit Tudor house, also hosting a Christmas “Do”. All dressed for the festive season with wreaths, trees and sashes. These buildings look like hospitable places for villagers to celebrate the festive season.


We hope you enjoyed our round-up of What’s new for Lemax Caddington Village Christmas 2023? You can come view our magnificent Lemax display unveiled in-store at the garden centre’s grand Christmas opening on the 30th September 2023 and thereafter. Alternatively you can shop our full collection of Lemax Caddington Village for sale online or you can return to the What’s New for Lemax Christmas 2023? blog to see what’s new in the other Lemax villages. Don’t forget we also sell a wonderful selection of modelling scenery, decorations and landscaping accessories from My Village to add touches of interest and realism that will complete your Lemax display.

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