Westland Moss Master Moss Remover & Feed

Westland Moss Master Moss Remover & Feed is a child and pet friendly moss killer that will also feed and rejuvenate your lawn.


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Westland Moss Master Moss Remover & Feed kills moss, leaving no black patches or staining, while the included feed greens grass in as little as seven days.

This high nutrient package creates a drier environment that is less favourable for moss while existing moss is killed without producing black patches due to its clever moisture management mode of action.

Dual action bacteria then digests the dead moss, turning it into feed for the lawn, so there is no need to rake.

Treated lawns will also become greener in as little as seven days and will be fed for up to three months.

This pack will cover approximately 80sq.m of lawn, equivalent to eight car parking spaces, and should be applied when grass is actively growing from March to September. Repeat after three months if required.

How to use


  • Mark out the area to be treated into 1sq.m sections and apply evenly over the surface
  • Apply 100-150g/sq.m over lawns infested with moss
  • To use as a lawn feed only, apply at 45-100g/sq.m

By spreader

  • For larger lawns we recommend using a spreader
  • Use the correct spreader setting or calibrate your spreader to apply the correct amount

To finish

  • If no rain falls within 48 hours water in well to activate the nutrients
  • We recommend waiting 7-10 days before mowing for maximum effect


  • Size: 3.6kg
  • Range: Covers approximately 80sq.m
  • NPK: 6-6-20
  • Removes dead moss from lawns & reduces future moss re-infestation
  • Specially selected nutrient package feeds and greens the lawn for 3 months
  • Formulated with the right amount of nitrogen to green the lawn in 7 days
  • Dual action bacteria digests dead moss then turns it into feed for the lawn, so there is no need to rake
  • Its clever mode of action doesn’t leave any black moss on the lawn
  • No staining or rusting if spilt on hard surfaces such as paths and patios

General Advice

  • Ensure you apply Moss Master at the correct application rate, as using too much fertiliser can damage your lawn
  • Children and pets can use the lawn after application
  • It is good practice to wear gloves and wash hands and skin after use
  • It is always a good idea to store product away from children & pets in a dry, frost free place
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