Westland Lawn Drop Spreader

Achieve consistent, and even coverage when spreading lawn seeds or treatments with the Westland Lawn Drop Spreader.


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This Westland Lawn Drop Spreader will help you to easily and accurately apply lawn fertiliser and grass seed products.

It is ideal for use when the grass is dry but the soil is moist and is perfect for applying a wide range of lawn treatment and seeds.

Easy to assemble and use, this traditional spreader will help you to deliver seeds or lawn treatments evenly and consistently, so you can enjoy greener, thicker lawns.

To use, simply set the adjustable lever to zero and fill with product. Make sure to fill while on a flat surface, away from grass to avoid damaging spillages.

Once filled, adjust the lever to your desired flow rate and immediately start walking. Walk at a steady pace up and down the lawn, slightly overlapping the edges to prevent stripes.

Once finished, make sure to set the lever to zero in order to stop the flow of product.


  • Spreads granular lawn care products & grass seed evenly and accurately
  • 10 litre hopper capacity
  • Spreader width 41cm (16 inches)
  • Easy to use & operate
  • Variable settings with on/off switch
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