Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer Insecticide Spray

Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer kills most common pests with protection that lasts up to two weeks making it a go-to insecticide for gardeners.


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Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer Spray is a popular and fast acting insecticide that kills most common pests on flowers and a wide range of edibles while providing up to two weeks of further protection.

These common pests include species such as greenfly, whitefly, caterpillars, blackfly, pea & bean weevils, sawfly, leaf beetles, capsids, Red Plum Maggot and Plum Fruit Moth.

This Bug Killer spray can generally be used all year round, both indoors and out, and has a maximum harvest interval of seven days which means that edible plants can be eaten soon after being sprayed.

How to Use

  • Press down the small tab on top of the nozzle firmly
  • At the same time, twist the nozzle to the ‘ON’ position by turning 1/4 of a turn in either direction
  • Spray the leaves and stem thoroughly from a distance of 15-30cm to just before run off (when drips start to form at the tips of the leaves)
  • Spray the plant carefully giving good cover of the whole plant
  • Make sure both the upper side and the underneath of the leaf surface has been sprayed
  • Repeat as necessary (7-14 day interval) for optimum control
  • After use, twist the nozzle back to the start position ensuring the tab has reset to the locked position


  • Size: 1 Litre
  • Contact insecticide that can protect from pests for up to 2 weeks
  • Kills most common insect pests
  • Can be used on a wide range of ornamentals & edibles
  • Protects over 30 different crops from insect attack
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
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