Johnsons Lettuce All The Year Round Seeds

Johnsons Lettuce All The Year Round Seeds have a long harvest season, producing a favourite ‘butterhead’ type of lettuce.


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Johnsons Lettuce All The Year Round Seeds are a very popular and versatile, soft leaved ‘butterhead’ type, producing pale green, compact, medium sized heads with excellent flavour and tasty, tender leaves.

A healthy patch of leafy greens in your garden is both wonderful to look at and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a diet rich in leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage and broccoli helps maintain a balanced diet thanks to their significant amounts of vitamins A and C.

Quick to grow and versatile in the kitchen, you can enjoy a plentiful harvest throughout the seasons.


  • Pack Contents: Approximately 1250 seeds
  • When to sow: March to August
  • Where to sow: In a prepared seed bed
  • How to sow: Sow thinly in rows 25cm apart and cover with 1.5cm of fine soil
  • Care: When large enough thin to 20cm apart and keep moist and weed free at all times.
  • When to harvest: May to October and April to May from August sowings
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