Empathy Supreme Green Lawn Seed with Rootgrow

Empathy Supreme Green Lawn Seed is suitable for creating new lawns, over seeding or repairing worn patches.


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Using only first season grass seed, Empathy Supreme Green Lawn Seed is a top quality blend of grass varieties with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi.

The high quality blend of perennial rye grasses and fescues has been specially selected for fast establishment, natural vitality and toughness to produce a hard wearing lawn that is beautiful to look at and able to cope with everyday family use.

This professional grade lawn seed is blended with rootgrow UK origin mycorrhizal fungi, providing all the ingredients needed for excellent results every time. The mycorrhizal fungi in rootgrow will spread rapidly through the new grass roots to provide sustained benefits throughout the lifetime of your lawn.

This lawn seed is available as either a 500g, 1kg or 3kg pack.


  • 500g – 20sq.m for patch & repair/14sq.m for new lawns
  • 1kg – 40sq.m for patch & repair/28sq.m for new lawns
  • 3kg – 120sq.m for patch & repair/85sq.m for new lawns


  • Size: 500g, 1kg or 3kg
  • Top quality blend of grass varieties for superior lawn establishment, look and ware
  • Includes only first season grass seed
  • Grass seed blend has been selected for natural vitality
  • Contains rootgrow mycorrhiza fungi speeding up establishment and improving drought resistance
  • Rootgrow helps to bind the soil particles and improves nutrient uptake by the roots
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