Empathy After Plant Ericaceous Plant Food

Keep your established ericaceous plants in tip-top health long term with Empathy After Plant Ericaceous Plant Feed.


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EAN: 5060160320719 | MPN: APER1000

Empathy After Plant Ericaceous is a bio-active plant feed tailored for the needs of all acid loving/lime hating ericaceous plants.

The beneficial acid loving bacteria produce natural plant growth promoting hormones and act to fix nitrogen from the air.

It also contains natural plant available nutrients, together with natural humates containing organic acids, which further help liberate nutrients from soils and composts whilst also offering a food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms.

The mycorrhizal fungi within this product act to bind soil particles, lock up soil carbon and increase water use efficiency.

When planted directly into the ground, ericaceous plants will benefit by being treated for the first 3-5 years whilst their root system and fungal partners develop. For containerised plants, apply twice yearly.

Use Empathy After Plant Ericaceous Feed on all pot grown and garden plants to encourage healthy blooms and lush foliage all year round.

This feed contains rootgrow ericoid and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, which will quickly establish a secondary root system that will efficiently absorb and transport nutrients and water to the plant.


  • Sizes: 1kg Sachet, 2.5kg Tub
  • Eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fertiliser
  • Increases nutrient and water uptake
  • Encourages healthy blooms and lush foliage all year round
  • Ideal for all acid loving/lime hating ericaceous plants
  • Conditions soil for long lasting benefits
  • Contains rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi
  • Easy to apply
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