What is Bramblecrest rattan furniture made from?

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Bramblecrest is well known for making extremely high-quality garden furniture and its rattan furniture is especially popular. But what is Bramblecrest rattan furniture made from and how is it used to create such good quality outdoor lounge sets and garden dining sets? In this article we’ll explore the many qualities of Bramblecrest’s rattan furniture, with tips and advice on how to easily spot high quality rattan garden furniture.

What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

First, it’s important to note that rattan is not the same as wicker. Rattan is the material and wicker is the weave, the process, or the style of the weave. It is therefore possible to get wicker rattan garden furniture, but not all wicker is rattan. In fact wicker furniture can be made from bamboo, willow, straw, seagrass, raffia as well as rattan. Rattan on the other hand, is a specific type of material that is often used to create wicker furniture.

What is rattan?

Natural rattan is a vine-like tropical plant found in Africa, Australia and Asia. Because of its strong, pliable, fibrous qualities, rattan has become a popular choice for furniture. However real rattan furniture is better suited to home décor products and accessories for indoor use, because it is not waterproof and needs to be kept dry. If it is exposed to damp or wet conditions it can rot or suffer from mildew therefore it is not a good choice for making outdoor furniture, since it needs to be stored away after each use.

Bramblecrest Portofino Modular Sofa Set with Square Adjustable Table lifestyle image 1200x6000
Bramblecrest Portofino Modular Sofa Set with Square Adjustable Table

What is Bramblecrest rattan furniture made from?

Whilst natural wicker is not immune to the effects of the British weather, synthetic wicker is waterproof, so it can be left outdoors without any problem. Good quality synthetic rattan can stand up to lotions, salt water, chlorine, UV rays and alcohol. It’s easy to clean and will endure for years. These days the difference in appearance between natural rattan and good quality synthetic rattan is almost imperceptible, so a high quality synthetic outdoor rattan set from Bramblecrest will look every bit as good as a natural rattan set.

There are many types of synthetic resin wickers. The most common are Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Nylon, Polyethylene (PE) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker. Bramblecrest uses only finest quality HDPE in its rattan furniture, woven around aluminium frames. Cheaper quality synthetic rattan, such as PVC can degrade after several years of use, leading to cracking and colour changes. HDPE is very dense so it is extremely durable in all weather conditions. HDPE is waterproof, unlike natural rattan and won’t crack or fade like cheaper rattan. Also, unlike some synthetic rattan, all Bramblecrest HDPE rattan furniture is fully recyclable, so your outdoor furniture set can live on as a plastic bottle after its long and full life as a garden set.

Whilst Bramblecrest rattan furniture is waterproof, we recommend using purpose-fitted covers to protect your furniture from droppings, tree sap and garden grime.

How is Bramblecrest rattan furniture made?

Rattan furniture is made by weaving lengths of rattan around a frame. Originally this was a wooden frame, but now all Bramblecreest rattan furniture uses a strong, lightweight, and weatherproof aluminium frame. All Bramblecrest rattan is hand-woven as this still creates the very best quality rattan furniture. First the vertical straights are attached to the frame, and then the horizontal strands are weaved in and out of the verticals, eventually building up a strong woven material which covers the entire frame. Differences in colour of the rattan can build up a warm and pleasing effect which is particularly suited to luxury garden furniture.

Which Bramblecrest rattan furniture does Gates Garden Centre stock?

All Bramblecrest garden furniture is timeless, elegant and stylish. Its rattan furniture is no exception, being available in a variety of weaves, colours, finishes and both classical and contemporary designs, offering the customer the widest choice to suit their preferences.

We are proud stockists of the following Bramblecrest rattan furniture weaves:

Chedworth Sandstone wicker with Herringbone Barley cushions
1. Chedworth in Sandstone Weave
Monterey Dove Grey with Eco Charcoal cushions
2. Monterey in Dove Grey Weave
Monterey Sandstone with Eco Oat cushions
3. Monterey in Sandstone Weave
Tetbury Nutmeg with Eco Fawn Linen Cushions
4. Tetbury in Nutmeg Weave
Tetbury Cloud with Eco Pebble Cushions
5. Tetbury in Cloud Weave
Monte Carlo in Prairie
6. Monte Carlo in Prairie Weave
Portofino Swatch
7. Portofino in Anthracite with Mushroom Weave

How can you easily identify high quality synthetic rattan furniture?

Cheap rattan garden furniture has a ‘glossy’ look to it which is immediately recognisable to the naked eye. Bramblecrest’s luxury rattan has a flat ‘matt’ quality and is smooth to the touch which are a markers of quality. Smooth rattan is also more comfortable to sit on than rough. The hand-woven rattan is finished to a high standard, so you generally won’t be able to see where the rattan starts or ends, giving the overall finish a neater look. These qualities ensure that Bramblecrest rattan furniture is produced to the highest specification, with the best possible finish and that it performs at the highest possible standard.

Don’t forget the seat cushions

In addition to the rattan construction and aluiminium frame, Bramblecrest seat cushions feature a soft outer material for comfort, durability and style, combined with a weatherproof lining. They are available in a choice of colours to match a variety of garden styles and are designed to withstand the elements for longevity. In addition, Bramblecrest Eco seat covers are made using material spun from recycled plastic bottles, for the ultimate in eco-friendly, sustainable seat cushions. Meanwhile, Bramblecrest Monte Carlo upholstery is made with soft and supple faux leather which creates stylish, luxurious and fully-waterproof seating.

Bramblecrest Monte Carlo Rectangular Casual Lounge Set lifestyle image 1200x600
Bramblecrest Monte Carlo Rectangular Casual Lounge Set

Simply the best garden furniture

Overall, Bramblecrest rattan furniture is made from high-quality synthetic rattan that is carefully hand-woven into shape using traditional techniques. The addition of a solid aluminium frame and comfortable seat cushions make their patio furniture not only beautiful to look at, but also durable and long-lasting.

Every piece of furniture is skillfully crafted and goes through Bramblecrest’s thorough quality processes to ensure that each piece arrives in perfect condition. This ensures that you can rely on the very best quality, every single time. Since fabric and frame colours are consistent, you can add to a collection further down the line, with the confidence that a lounge set will be a great match for a dining set or cocoon from the same range. In this way, it is possible to add to your furniture year after year and build up a cohesive collection which creates a balanced and complete look for the garden.

If you are looking to update your outdoor seating, then consider Bramblecrest Garden Furniture. It will add a touch of style to your garden or patio and will also provide you with many years of enjoyment.

If you have any further questions about Bramblecrest furniture, please contact our Outdoor Living Team at Gates Garden Centre, by calling 01664 454309 or visit us in our Leicestershire store. We’ve been selling Bramblecrest garden furniture for many years and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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