How to prepare your BBQ for summer in 5 easy steps

Weber Barbecue Brush 30cm with Bamboo Handle in use

It’s likely that your barbecue has languished unloved in a corner of the garden over the winter and on closer inspection it probably needs a bit of TLC to bring it back to its best. Now is a great time to think about cleaning your grill in readiness for the summer. It is important to keep any barbecue clean and spruced up, as a dirty grill can harbour germs, whilst excessive dirt can impair the performance of the barbecue and affect the flavour of food. Keeping your grill clean will ensure that every cooking session will taste as delicious as the first and help your BBQ perform at its best. Cleaning a BBQ can even prolong its life.

Preparing your BBQ for summer needn’t be a bind though. We believe that cleaning and looking after your trusty grill should be a practice, not a project, and with that in mind, we reveal our handy hacks and the essential BBQ tools which will help make this less of a chore and more of a cheery experience; from BBQ cleaner to Weber Barbecue Accessories. So get changed into your scruffs, don some rubber gloves and read on, to discover our easy guide for How to prepare your BBQ for summer in 5 easy steps. Alternatively, you can head straight to our thoughtfully curated online collection of barbecues and accessories.

Step 1 – Gear up for success

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail, and in this case, preparing well means getting some great gear in. Happily, tooling up with the correct equipment will make your life a lot easier. The items listed below can either be bought separately, or in one of our handy boxed kits. We have 3 Weber cleaning kits available, one designed for Gas Enamel Barbecues, one for Stainless Steel Gas Grills and one for Charcoal Barbecues.

Weber Stainless Steel Gas BBQ Cleaning Kit - boxed
Weber Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue Cleaning Kit – boxed

Your shopping list (which comes in the respective kits) includes:

  • Weber Enamel Cleaner
  • Weber Stainless Steel cleaner (if a gas barbecue)
  • Weber Grate Cleaner
  • Weber Sponges
  • Weber Gas Maintenance Kit or Weber Cookbox Scraper
  • A Barbecue Brush with stainless steel bristles – we have several designs of brush from the two sizes of Weber Barbecue Brushes with Bamboo handles and Weber Three -sided Barbecue Brushes, to a Weber Detail Brush for small spaces plus a Grillstream Cleaning Brush with Replaceable Heads. We recommend replacing Barbecue Brushes at the start of the BBQ season and additionally, whenever the bristles become worn if you’re a regular BBQer
  • Weber Microfibre Cloth

You’ll also need a bucket of water and a soft clean cloth.

If you have a gas barbecue, , check the propane tube for leaks before you begin and also replace your gas tank or charcoal as necessary. Install new batteries if your BBQ has them. Handy tip: charcoal that has been stored in a shed or outbuilding may have got damp and could be difficult to light.

Check your grates are in good condition and aren’t excessively worn. You should replace any excessively worn or rusty grates, but don’t worry, help is at hand: we sell a range of replacement Grates for Weber Barbecues.

Now may also be a good time to check your barbecue cover for wear and tear and replace it from our Barbecue Cover Collection if it’s no longer up to the job.

Step 2 – Change starts from within

All the best things need washing inside out, and your barbecue is no different. You want to start with cleaning the interior of your BBQ, as the accumulated dirt and grease can leak out whilst cleaning, which you don’t want spoiling your clean and lovingly-polished exterior.

  • Begin your cleaning routine by firing up your barbecue and carbonisng any burnt on food and grease. This is done by firing up your barbecue and letting it heat through on full flame with the lid down for about 15 minutes. Allow the barbecue to cool.
  • Remove grates and flavorizer bars (Gas Barbecues)
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit
(Cookbox Scraper and Brush)
Weber Sponges (Twin Pack)
Weber Sponges (Twin Pack)
Weber Enamel Cleaner
Weber Enamel Cleaner
  • NB- always start this with a cold BBQ and don’t let any moisture seep into your Gas Burners. Remove any deep grease and grime from the bowl or cookbox using the Weber Cookbox Scraper (you can skip this step if you feel it doesn’t need it). This BBQ tool has been developed to scrape away surface dirt, with a plastic blade that won’t scratch the finish.

  • Next spray Weber Enamel Cleaner over the interior of the BBQ. This handy spray is designed to dissolve residual grease and dirt. After spraying with enamel cleaner, leave it to soak in and wipe over the surface with the soft side of a Weber Sponge. Then use a soft damp cloth to wipe away the residue.

  • Inspect the burners – it is especially important to keep your burners free from dirt as this can prevent gas from burning efficiently, which results in cool spots across the cooking area. Scrub the holes on the top of the burners to remove any blockages, using the Weber Barbecue Brush. The second area of the burners to focus on are the spider / insect screens, which are sometimes called air shutters, on the end of each burner, underneath the control knobs. Use a soft bristle brush to clean them off. The brush from the Weber Gas Barbecue Maintenance Kit is perfect for this task.

You should now have a clean and shiny interior which is ready to fire up any party.

Step 3 – Turn your attention to the Grate

You want your grate to be clean, as it is in contact with your food. As well as the health implications of cooking on a dirty grill, a mucky grate will not perform as efficiently as clean one – for instance, a clean grate will burn better sear marks onto food, and old debris on the grill can impart acrid flavours to your food. But that being said, we don’t believe you need to be too over zealous about cleaning every single last mark off your grill bars. That way madness lies. Your grates can be clean enough to be healthy, but also dirty enough for you to feel happy.

Weber Three-Sided Barbecue Brush in use
46cm Weber Three Sided Barbecue Brush in use on a gas grill
  • Firstly fire up your barbecue and letting it heat through on full flame with the lid down for about 15 minutes. This is normally done at the end of a cookout, but can be done at the start of the season too. Scrub up and down the bars with a Weber Barbecue Brush, working in sections. Allow the barbecue to cool.

  • Then finish by bathing the grates with Weber Grate Cleaner for 30 seconds which will help to break down any remaining dirt or grease. Work the cleaner into the grate with the coarse side of a Weber Sponge until you are happy with the result and wipe down with a damp soft cloth.
  • If your grates are cast iron, then dry thoroughly and oil the grates with vegetable oil at this point.

  • If you have a gas barbecue, spray Flavorizer Bars with Weber Grate Cleaner and clean with the soft side of a Weber Sponge.

Step 4 – Restore the outer sparkle

Weber Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
Weber Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Return to your Weber Enamel Cleaner (or Weber Stainless Steel Cleaner for Gas Barbecues) and bathe the outside of the barbecue in this glorious spray, then rinse with clean water before polishing off with a Weber Microfibre Cloth to restore the gleam. The microfibre cloth will shine up the surface, without any smears, plus it will not damage the surface of the BBQ.

You should now have a radiant barbecue that is more beauty than beast, but there is one remaining step for getting grill ready for the season:

Step 5 – Fill your boots

Every BBQer loves stocking up on new toys, so whether you’re a relative newbie or a seasoned Pitmaster, you’ll love browsing our comprehensive collection of BBQ Fuel and Accessories, where you’re certain to discover what you’re interested in. From finding all the essential BBQ Cleaning Tools or BBQ Tools and Utensils you need, to stocking up on BBQ Fuel and Lighting to see you through the summer. Alternatively, maybe you’re intrigued by our BBQ Grillware and Cookware which can inspire you cook in new styles on your trusty barbecue.

If you’d like to discuss the options available with our in-store barbecue team, you can visit us in-store, call us on 01664 454309, or browse our whole Barbecues and Accessories collection for sale online.

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