Is Bramblecrest garden furniture waterproof?

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Bramblecrest’ s outdoor furniture is made from a variety of materials, most of which are completely waterproof. Does this mean that their patio furniture made from wicker, rattan, teak, aluminium or steel can be left out in the rain? Well, the answer is yes, up to a point.

Bramblecrest garden furniture is a popular choice amongst people who wish to add a touch of style, sophistication and comfort to their outside spaces. When it comes to outdoor furniture one of the most important considerations is whether it can withstand the elements. After all, no-one wants to invest a significant amount in an outdoor set only to find it is damaged by the elememts.

So the question you may be asking yourself is: is Bramblecrest garden furniture waterproof? In this article, we’ll delve into the waterproof capabilities of Bramblecrest patio furniture and provide some tips on how to protect your investment and keep it looking great for years to come. So whether you’ve recently bought an outdoor sofa for your patio or are eyeing an outodoor dining set for your balcony, read on to discover how waterproof Bramblecrest outdoor furniture is.

Is Bramblecrest garden furniture waterproof?

The short answer is that it mostly is. All Bramblecrest garden furniture is weather-resistant, but there are some elements of the furniture which are not completely waterproof over extended periods. So, it depends on the construction of the piece of furniture in question. Here is a breakdown of the different materials used in Bramblecrest furniture and the extent to which they are waterproof.

Bramblecrest Rattan Furntiure after a rain shower 1200x600
Bramblecrest Monterey Dining Set after a rain shower


Bramblecrest is known for its high-quality rattan furniture. This wicker furniture is made from synthetic rattan which mimics the look and feel of real rattan, but is a man-made fibre that requires a lot less maintenance.  These days, the difference in appearance between real wicker and good synthetic wicker is almost imperceptible. The material used in Bramblecrest’s rattan furniture is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is higher quality than other plastics that are used in cheaper synthetic rattan garden furniture. For instance PVC, which is used in some cheaper furniture, will start to break down after 1-2 years, so needs to be stored out of the sun and rain. HDPE, will last much longer than this and it is weather resistant.

Being able to withstand rain, wind and snow, Bramblecrest rattan furniture can be left out in all weathers. Although it is fade-resistant, prolonged exposure to UV rays could begin to damage the colour, so to ensure rattan furniture remains in top condition, and to protect it from garden grime such as dirt and droppings, we recommend you invest in a purpose-made waterproof Bramblecrest furniture cover.


Aluminium frames are used in Bramblecrest woven furniture and aluminium is featured in the contemporary La Rochelle, Lucca, Maurituis, Portofino, Vienna, Vilamoura and Zurich contemporary metal garden furniture ranges. Although it is 2-3 times more expensive than steel, Aluminium is naturally rust-resistant which makes it a natural choice for outdoor furniture. Moreover, Bramblecrest aluminium furniture frames are powder coated with a sturdy paint which is completely waterproof, adding another depth of waterproofing and UV resistance to the frames. This is a much higher-quality option than the cheaper steel frames which are used in some other outdoor furniture, which are prone to corrosion if left in the rain. The exception is Bramblecrest cocoon chairs, which come with strong powder-coated steel frames that could rust if the tube frames are dragged and scratched. This can be easily corrected and touched up with paint. But to avoid any unnecessary work, we highly recommend choosing a permanent location for a cocoon and use a cover to keep it clean. 


When wooden accents are used in Bramblecrest furniture, such as in the table tops in the Lucca and Vilamoura ranges, then class A sustainable teak is used for the purpose. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is incredibly resilient to weathering. New teak is a lovely warm, honey colour, and over time as the wood builds its natural defences to the elements, it mellows to a beautiful slivery-grey patina. Bramblecrest’s Grade A teak is completely weatherproof and can be left out all season without being covered. If it should happen to pick up some garden dirt along the way, then it can be easily be cleaned using Bramblecrest Teak Cleaner, whilst Bramblecrest Teak Shield and Teak Protector can be used to restore and maintain the wood’s colour.


The twisted rope used in the Bramblecrest Mauritius range is completely weatherproof, marine-grade, synthetic rope and is fully waterproof. The Bramblecrest Mauritius garden furniture range can be left out in all weathers, although we recommend a purpose-made Bramblecrest cover is used to keep it clean and grime-free.

Outdoor Seat Cushions

All Bramblecrest ranges benefit from innovative ‘soft touch’ season proof seat cushions. They are back coated with a water resistant liner to prevent water ingress and can be exposed to showers. Whilst the outer covers will retain water, they will dry after several hours of warm dry weather. If the interior filling becomes wet, remove the covers and dry the filling separately for 48 hours. During prolonged periods of non-use or extended periods of poor weather it is advised that cushions are stored in a cushion storage box or indoors in a storage bag. Bramblecrest’s environmentally friendly Eco cushion covers also incorporate season-proof technology, but additionally are made using yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles. Eco cushion covers are not only good for the environment, but they are also soft, durable and water-resistant.

So, whilst Bramblecrest seat cushions will happily survive the occasional downpour, it is recommended to store them during particularly inclement or prolonged bad weather. The exception to this, is the luxury faux-leather seat pads which are used in the Bramblecresst Monte Carlo range. These are marine grade, soft and supple integrated seat pads which are completely weatherproof, for a high-quality combination of style, comfort and finish.

Outdoor Scatter Cushions

Outdoor Scatter Cushions bring extra comfort to outdoor seating, as well as expressing your taste and style in the garden. They can lift a plain garden furniture set to new heights, bringing bright colours and interesting patterns to the party. Bramblecrest garden scatter cushions have shower-proof covers made from season-proof fabric. This means they can be left outside in a summer shower, but we recommend storing them indoors or in a cushion storage box for prolonged periods so they are clean and dry when you want to use them.

Bramblecrest Rattan Dining Set with Cover
Bramblecrest Rattan Dining Set with Cover

Tips for protecting your Bramblecrest garden furniture

While Bramblecrest furniture is waterproof and can be left out in the elements there are some steps you can take to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Here are a few steps to bear in mind:

Use a furniture cover: Investing in a waterproof garden furntiure cover is an easy and effective way to protect your furniture from rain and other weather conditions. Look for covers that are specifically designed for outdoor use and that fit your furniture snugly to ensure maximum protection. (NB it is not recommended to cover teak garden furniture.)

Clean and maintain your furniture regularly: Regular cleaning and maintenance can help to keep your furniture looking its best and extend its lifespan. Rattan, rope and aluminium furniture can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water, whilst specialised Bramblecrest Teak Cleaner should be used on teak.

Warranty: Bramblecrest has been at the forefront of providing elegant, sophisticated and timeless garden furniture for more than 22 years. Most of their furniture is supplied with a three-year structural guarantee giving you the complete peace of mind that their furniture will last. Of course, most Bramblecrest furniture should live way beyond the three-year warranty period.

Store your furniture indoors: If you have the space, storing your furniture indoors during the winter months can help to extend its lifespan, but this is not an absolute necessity with Bramblecrest outdoor furniture, which should last for many years without being stored inside.

Bramblecrest La Rochelle Square Corner Modular Firepit Set with 2 Benches
Bramblecrest La Rochelle Square Corner Modular Firepit Set with 2 Benches

Most Bramblecrest garden furniture is waterproof and can be left out to weather the British elements. Rattan and aluminium are particularly water resistant, and teak will weather to a silvery grey appearance to defend it against the effects of the weather. Bramblecrest Outdoor Seat Cushions and Garden Scatter Cushions should weather a quick shower well enough, but should be stored or brought inside during long periods of inclement weather. By using a waterproof outdoor furniture cover, maintaining it regularly and storing your patio furniture indoors you can help to extend the lifetime of the product, but even if left outdoors most Bramblecrest furniture will endure way beyond Brambecrest’s three- year structural guarantee, to give you pleasurable garden seating for years to come.

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