Gonks are a Nordic-style creature which reminds many people of Santa Claus. Inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins, they can be found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology.

They are small little creatures which traditionally feature a bulbus, round nose and long white bead. They also tend to have their hats pulled over their eyes, so you see little of their facial features.

In the original folklore, these curious little creatures were said to have a preference for barns and houses during the colder seasons. If families treated them well, it was told that they would protect them and bring them good luck. However, if the family did not treat them well and respect the creatures, they were said to play tricks on everyone.

The back story has an underlying message of being welcoming and hospitable. This is a great idea to bring forward and put in place during the upcoming festive season and throughout your family celebrations.




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