Westland Decorative Mini Bark (70 litres)

Westland Decorative Mini Bark retains moisture in soil, suppresses weed growth and protects roots as well as creating a great contrasting backdrop for your plants.


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Create a highly decorative, low-maintenance finish in your small borders and containers with Westland Decorative Mini Bark.

This dark bark mulch not only creates a beautiful contrasting backdrop for your plants, but reduces the need for frequent watering. It also helps to suppress weeds and protect plant roots from extreme temperatures.

It can be used anytime of the year in beds, borders, vegetable plots, or around fruit trees and bushes.

This bark is produced from sustainable conifer plantations, grown for the timber industry, in accordance with sustainability standards and regulations.


  • Size: 70 litres
  • 8-20mm mini chips
  • Carefully screened for a highly decorative finish
  • Perfect for use in containers as well as small decorative borders
  • Helps retain moisture in soil
  • Suppresses weed growth
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