Westland Lawn Sand

For a greener, healthier and moss-free lawn, Westland Lawn Sand is the ideal solution.


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Westland Lawn Sand is a traditional lawn treatment to provide moss control for ornamental lawns.

This improved formula, from Westland, means that you can apply to your lawn at a lower rate than previously.

As well as providing moss control with Ferrous Sulphate, Westland Lawn Sand has an added nitrogen based fertiliser that encourages growth of grass and gives a deeper green colour.

On heavy soils, a regular application of lawn sand will help improve drainage, which in turn helps to prevent moss re-establishing.

When to Use

Westland Lawn Sand should be applied when the moss is actively growing – it should not be used in drought or freezing conditions or if rain is falling. You should not cut the lawn for 3 days prior to treatment and for at least 4 days afterwards. Do not apply in windy weather so that you can avoid drift of the granules or dust onto other plants, patios or ponds.

Do not apply more than twice in any one season and allow 40 days between applications.

Where to Use

This product is designed to be used on ornamental lawns or closely mown amenity grass.

Lawn Sand should only be applied to established turf / lawns – this means that you should not use it until at least 12 months after sowing grass seed or laying turf.

How to Use

You can apply by hand or with a lawn spreader, which should be set to a rate of 80 grams per square metre. Avoid walking on treated areas until it has either rained or the lawn sand has been watered in. It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product.

As this product contains Ferrous Sulphate, you should be careful to avoid spilling or walking it onto paths and patios as this may cause brown staining, which is very difficult to remove. Pets and children should be excluded from treated areas until granules have been watered in.

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