Westland Alpine Planting & Potting Peat Free Mix (25 litres)

Westland Alpine Planting & Potting Peat Free Mix is specially developed to give gardeners the perfect medium for planting all types of alpine plants.


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Westland Alpine Planting & Potting Peat Free Mix offers unrivalled results in plant health, root establishment and moisture retention making it the ideal medium for planting all types of alpine plants.

This Planting & Potting mix has been specially blended with added zinc complex. This naturally supports plant health for a stronger and much healthier alpine garden.

This compost contains a consistent growing medium with improved moisture and nutrient retention. This in turn offers an ideal balance between air and water holding, making it the perfect environment for healthy root growth, keeping alpine plants hydrated and nourished.

Easy to use, first ensure the pot has adequate drainage holes, water the plant thoroughly and gently tap the pot to remove the plant, shaking off loose compost. Half fill the pot with fresh compost, place the plant in the pot, fill in the gaps with more compost and then firm in and water.

For planting out, dig a hole approximately twice the depth and diameter of the root ball. Place the plant in the hole with new compost, fill the gaps with more compost, firm in and water before topping with a layer of grit.


  • Size: 25 litres
  • Peat free
  • For use throughout the year when planting or potting on alpines into beds or borders
  • Free-draining mix prevents water logging
  • Grit-based blend for perfect root environment
  • Low level feed for balanced growth
  • Added zinc complex helps build plant resilience

Gardening tips

  • Unsuitable for ericaceous (lime hating) plants
  • Don’t forget to dead-head as this encourages more flowers
  • Store in a dry frost-free place away from weed kills and other garden chemicals
  • Reseal bag after use
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