Miracle-Gro Professional Super Seed for Hard Wearing Lawns

Miracle-Gro Professional Super Seed Hard Wearing Lawn is a professional, multipurpose, hard wearing grass seed for a lawn that is highly tolerant to enjoy with children, pets, family and friends.


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Miracle-Gro Professional Super Seed Hard Wearing Lawn is a 3 in 1 blend of seed, feed and soil enricher that will create a hard wearing, thick green lawn.

Miracle-Gro Super Seed contains a specially selected variety of perennial ryegrass that regenerates and spreads by itself to create a thicker, denser lawn. This lawn will also be able to cope with lots of activity from families or pets.

The high nitrogen content encourages young seedling growth for a thicker, greener lawn with calcium to help rebalance the soil pH and neutralise pet urine burns on lawns.

It can be applied to lawns from March to October, once the risk of frost has passed and soil temperatures are 6 degrees or above. Unlike most grass seeds, Super Seed works with temperatures as low as 6 degrees so that you can get started earlier in the season.

This lawn seed is available as either a 1kg or 2kg pack.


  • Size: 1kg or 2kg
  • Coverage: 33sq.m or 66sq.m
  • Produces regenerating, thicker, denser lawns
  • Tough and hard wearing
  • Works with temperatures as low as 6 degrees Celsius
  • Includes a controlled release feed with nitrogen and calcium
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