Dahlia Border ‘Fancy Pants’ (1 tuber)

Well worth a place in the border, Dahlia Border ‘Fancy Pants’ produces pink and white flowery heads.


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A stunning star dahlia variety, Dahlia Border ‘Fancy Pants’ is a unique and visually striking perennial that is sure to catch peoples attention. Known as a ‘collarette’ dahlia it features a ring of symmetrical involute folded outer petals that surround a smaller, more tightly packed ring of pale-yellow and pink edged petals.

This intricate display of blooms will appear from July through to September and will make for an exceptional cut flower as the star of a bright summer bouquet. They are also ideal for colourful summer borders and will be just as happy in a large patio pot or container.

Plant between March and June, after the danger of frost has passed. Plant into well-drained soil with a good supply of humus at a depth of around 15cm/6″ and a spread from other bulbs of at least 30cm/12″.

For early flowering, tubers may be started off in boxes from March onwards. Use a light soil that is mixed with peat, keeping it slightly moist. Keep boxes cool and free of frost and plant sprouted tubers when the danger of frost has passed. Keep plants well watered during growth and remove faded flowers.


  • Bulb count per pack: 1 tuber
  • Flower colour: Pink, Yellow
  • Flowering months: July, August, September
  • Flowering height: 70cm/28″
  • Hardiness: Hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-10 to -5)
  • When to plant: March, April, May
  • Planting depth: 15cm/6″
  • Bulb spacing: 30cm/12″
  • Soil type: Moist but well-drained with a good supply of humus
  • Soil pH: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
  • Sunlight: Full sun

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