‘Czar’ Plum Tree


A cooking plum inspired by a Russian visit. Excellent for plum crumbles.

‘Czar’ Plum Tree has been around for well over a century as an ideal cooking plum.

Named after the royal visit of the Russian Czar to England in 1874, this plum has dark purple fruits with yellow flesh. It is a marvel in Springtime when large white flowers blossom.

Czar has a high yield and is great for puddings and preserves.

This plum is available in different rootstocks to suit a range of gardens. The rootstock controls the rate of growth so you can choose a rootstock suitable to where you would like to plant your tree. The rootstock also ensures the tree fruits earlier than when grown on its own roots.

St Julian A, a Semi-Vigorous variety, is one of the largest rootstocks available for plum trees and is best suited to large gardens and where space is not an issue. This rootstock grows to a mature height upwards of 3.5m (11ft) after 10 years.


  • Rootstock: St Julian A
  • Fruiting Season: Early
  • Pollination: Flowering Group 3 – Self-fertile
  • Awards: RHS Award of Garden Merit

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St Julian A