Bosmere Protector 2000 Wagon Barbecue Cover (Reversible Green/Black)

EAN: 5013554165151 | MPN: P515


Fully reversible (black or green) outdoor cover to protect a wagon barbecue from the elements, all year round.

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The Bosmere Protector 2000 Wagon Barbecue Cover¬†is a fully reversible outdoor protective cover for a wagon barbecue and you’ll be able to choose which colour to have on show, either black or green.

You won’t need to worry about finding storage space for your barbecue over the winter, because this cover will protect it outside all year round against the elements and keep it clean. It will also protect against the corrosive properties of bird droppings, as well as general dirt, grime and leaves.

This durable outdoor cover provides fantastic all weather protection for your barbecue. It has a wipeable surface, so you can keep it clean too.

Easy to fit or remove. Simply use the cord and lock secure system which comes with brass eyelets to ensure the cover stays on and it has been ergonomically shaped to fit most wagon barbecues.

This Bosmere cover comes with a two year manufacturer guarantee, so you can enjoy using it year after year.


  • Protective cover for a wagon barbecue
  • Protector 2000 range
  • Twin colours & fully reversible between Black or Green
  • All weather protection
  • Brass eyelets cord & lock fixings
  • Durable wipe clean surface
  • Supplied in reusable bag with handle
  • 2 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for all year round outdoor use


  • Length: 124cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Height: 91cm

Additional info

  • Please ensure your barbecue is completely cool before using
  • This protector is a single item with a fully reversible cover (image shows two examples to demonstrate each colour side)