Growth Technology Bonsai Focus with Seaweed (100ml)

Richly endowed with humic acid, Growth Technology Bonsai Focus provides all the essential nutrients bonsai need for healthy and sustainable growth.


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Growth Technology Bonsai Focus is a specially formulated liquid fertiliser that is designed to provide your bonsai trees with all the essential nutrients that need to thrive.

This unique blend of mineral and organic acids, humic and fulvic acids, and seaweed extract provides comprehensive nourishment for all bonsai species, ensuring they receive optimal support for healthy growth, vibrant foliage, and overall vigor.

This feed is easy to use and can be applied through watering or foliar spraying. Simply mix 5ml of Bonsai Focus per litre of water and apply it to your bonsai regularly during the growing season. For enhanced results, you can also use the diluted solution as a foliar spray to give your bonsai an extra boost of nutrients.

With this Bonsai Focus Plant Food, you can be confident that your bonsai is receiving the nourishment it needs to flourish and become a stunning centerpiece of your home or garden.


  • Bottle size: 100ml (makes 20 litres)
  • Liquid food specifically formulated for bonsai
  • Contains high levels of nitrogen to encourage the growth of healthy shoots and leaves
  • The complete feeding programme for poinsettia
  • Supports healthy vigorous growth and bright colours
  • Contains a rich supply of organic plant acids and pure concentrates of seaweed
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