Westland Bonsai Feed Concentrate (200ml)

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This balanced formula is enriched with the essential nutrients and trace elements that Bonsai trees need to thrive.

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Westland Bonsai Feed Concentrate helping your Bonsai trees grow healthily with a rich green leaf colour and strong roots.

This liquid feed contains a balanced blend of all major and minor nutrients that aide growth and development in bonsai trees.

In particular, Westland Bonsai Feed Concentrate aides strong root growth and enriches leaf colour.

The feed can be used throughout the year to provide all round support.

To use, simply pour the liquid into the cap provided and measure out the required dosage. Add the cap full to 1 litre of water and use with every other watering during the growing season between April and September.


  • Perfect plant food for your bonsai
  • Essential nutrients
  • Size:200ml bottle
  • Helps them grow healthily a rich green leaf colour and strong roots
  • Concentrated formula
  • Easy measure doser, to ensure correct application
  • All year round support and development
  • Suitable for indoor use

Fertiliser Analysis

  • NPK 1.8-1.0-2.3