Ooni Pizza Oven Demonstration Day

Ooni Demonstration Day 2024

On Saturday 8th June we will be holding an Ooni Pizza Oven Demonstration Day between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

If you’ve ever fancied learning more about our super-fast Ooni Pizza Ovens which can cook authentic fresh flame-cooked pizza in just 60-90 seconds, please come along. Our chef will be demonstrating live on an Ooni, from which you can taste the results, and discover just how easy it is to create delicious pizza on these fabulous pizza ovens.

Whether you’re curious about how to cook pizza on an outdoor pizza oven, if you’d like to learn how to make a margherita with a perfect crispy base and a delicious melted mozzarella topping, or even if you’d just like to witness the spectacle of our pizza chef stretching dough in front of your eyes then we’d love to see you on the day.

Ooni Demo Day - dough stretching
Ooni Demo Day 2024 - prepping pizza
Ooni Demo Day - retrieving pizza from Ooni Karu 12G Pizza Oven

So if you’re considering a wood fired pizza oven like the Ooni Karu 12G, or maybe a gas pizza oven such as the Ooni Koda 12, this event will answer any questions you have. he will also reveal handy pizza-making tips and tricks. from the best dough techniques, to ideas for toppings to try out, plus how to use Ooni Pizza Oven Fuel & Accessories to get the best out of any Pizza Oven. Maybe you’d just like to pester our pizza chef about his views regarding that most contentious of all pizza toppings – yes pineapple of course. All are welcome.

No booking is necessary and this event is completely free. Visit our Outdoor Living department on the day, and see for yourself why Ooni are the number one pizza oven brand in the world – in our view it’s because they make the best pizza ovens around.

If you have any questions about this event or anything in our Outdoor Cooking department, then feel free to contact the team on 01664 454309, or alternatively you can shop our collection of Ooni Pizza Ovens online.

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