Is high quality garden furniture worth the money?

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With the move towards bringing the inside out and treating the garden as an extension to our indoor entertaining space, we are all spending more time in our outside spaces. Gardens and outdoor spaces have become more important to us and in just the same way as we have been spending more money on our homes in recent years, we are beginning to treat our outdoor spaces as additional rooms; spending more time in them and spending more money on sprucing them up and creating an outdoor oasis to die for.

Truly great garden furniture is all about creating special spaces in which you can relax and entertain in comfort. With the garden becoming an extension of our living rooms, you might ask yourself why does garden furniture seem to be more expensive than indoor furniture? After all, on the surface it appears as if they should be similarly priced. The short answer is that outdoor furniture is better than indoor furniture in many ways, and the two are incomparable because they serve different purposes. Why do we say that? Let’s examine the differences.

Why is outdoor furniture more expensive than indoor furniture?

Indoor furniture is designed to:

  • Look great
  • Be comfortable
  • Look colourful
  • Be stylish
  • Last for several years of use

Indoor furniture fulfils these qualities perfectly.

Outdoor furniture also needs to tick all of these same boxes, but additionally:

  • It needs to withstand life outdoors too

This is no mean feat. Indoor furniture might withstand an afternoon in the sun quite well as a one-off, but try leaving indoor furniture outdoors in the British weather for a week or more and you’ll start to see the difference between good quality outdoor furniture and indoor furniture.

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But what is good quality outdoor furniture and why is it worth paying out for? Cheaper garden furniture might fare well in our climate for a year or two, but after this, it will begin to deteriorate. UV damage may make the materials fade, whilst low quality timber will start to rot and metal finishes will oxidise and begin to chip, leading to rusting. Good quality outdoor furniture will outlive cheaper furniture and still perform well for many years to come.

How can you identify good quality garden furniture?

A warranty is the first signifier that the item of furniture you are assessing is of good quality. High quality manufacturers of outdoor furniture will offer an excellent warranty on their products. For instance Bramblecrest offers a solid 3 year structural guarantee on new garden table and chair sets, outdoor benches, outdoor coffee tables and sun loungers, with 1 year guarantees for cushions and accessories. Meanwhile Hartman offers 3-5 year guarantees on their metal garden benches and lounge and dining sets. If a manufacturer is willing to offer the promise that its furniture will withstand several years then that is a good signifier that the item is high quality.

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What makes garden furniture high quality?

High quality garden furniture is made from better materials, which can withstand the outdoor climate, whilst still being comfortable, durable, attractive and timeless. In some cases its natural properties can repel garden pests. It is also constructed using efficient and sustainable practices and skillfully crafted by hand rather than fabricated in a factory.

What materials are used in high quality garden furniture?

Even in Summertime the British weather can be unpredictable. High quality materials are resistant to the effects of the British climate, making them long lasting, tough and durable. They will be designed to be sun, rain, wind and moisture resistant. The main materials used are teak, rattan, metal, rope and cushions made from weatherproof fabric. For more information, refer to our post on this subject: What are the best materials for high quality garden furniture?

Timeless designs with strict quality control

High quality garden furniture has enduring design aesthetics which are intended to stand the test of time and look stylish for years. Because high quality garden furniture is long-lasting and needs to look good in your outside space for many years it has a classic timeless elegance which doesn’t date quickly and outlives changing trends. Many manufacturers have a a number of different seating solutions available in their collections, and because the styles don’t date quickly, it is possible to build upon the furniture you already own, adding pieces at a later date. Because strict quality control and attention to detail are assured at every step of the production process, you can be confident that new furniture will be a great colour match for your existing pieces from the same collection.

Why is good quality garden furniture more sustainable than cheap garden furniture?

Garden furniture companies are progressing towards more efficient and sustainable practices. Every step of the production process is optimised to construct a better piece of furniture at the end of it. For instance, Bramblecrest is proud of its ‘Zero to Landfill‘ approach. This enables waste to be disposed of in a responsible and sustainable way, with much of their waste being recycled to make new products. Its Eco Cushion cover range is made from yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles, making them an environmentally friendly choice. All HDPE is recyclable, so at the end of any HDPE product’s life it can live on as a recycled plastic product.

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Is it worth paying more for high quality garden furniture?

Because premium garden furniture is better built, made from better materials and will last a long time it will naturally be more expensive than cheaper garden furniture, however the investment will get you a piece of furniture which is made from higher quality materials, with more sturdy craftsmanship, better durability, and will withstand everything the British Summer climate can throw at it.

If you have any questions or concerns about garden furniture then don’t hesitate to visit the Gates Garden Centre Outdoor Living Team in-store, contact us on 01664 454309. or shop online for home delivery or collection from our Leicestershire store.

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