What are the best materials for high quality garden furniture?

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Hartman Singapore Rectangular Corner Platform Set

The production process for high quality garden furniture is optimised at every step to ensure the finished product is the best it can possibly be. This begins with the raw materials used. They are the building blocks which bestow their many qualities on the best garden furniture. Only the very best materials go into producing the greatest finished item. But what properties do these materials possess which makes them so good for garden furniture?

Most importantly, high end materials are carefully selected to be resistant to the effects of the changeable British climate, making them long lasting, tough and durable. They are are sun, rain, wind and moisture resistant. The main materials used are teak, rattan, metal, rope and fabric. Whether you are taken with a teak table top or roused by a rattan recliner read our guide to the best materials for garden furniture to find out what makes each one great.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak is a tropical hardwood which is a popular material for high quality garden furniture. It can withstand sun and moisture well and can endure for up to 75 years. It is not unusual to expect well made teak garden furniture to last over 20 years if it is well-maintained. To put that into context, if you had a baby now, that teak table youโ€™ve got your eye on would still be around well into their 20s. The natural oils in teak provide protection from the elements and also repel some pests which can attack cheaper woods.

Cheap quality teak furniture might be held together with glue or nails which can fail over time, once they are exposed to heat or moisture, whilst higher quality teak will be hand-made with sturdy joints. Cheaper joins may be gappy and appear misshapen, whereas high quality sturdy joints will meet properly. In contrast to cheaper joins, quality joints don’t suffer damage over time.

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Rattan Garden furniture

Real wicker and rattan furniture are natural products which are not weather-resistant, so are not suitable for making garden furniture from. These days, the difference in appearance between real wicker and good synthetic wicker is almost imperceptible. Premium synthetic rattan garden furniture is often made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is higher quality than other plastics that are used in cheaper synthetic rattan garden furniture. For instance PVC, which is used in some cheaper furniture, will start to break down after 1-2 years, so needs to be stored out of the sun and rain. HDPE, will last much longer than this and it is weather resistant. Cheaper rattan may also have steel frames, which are prone to corrosion. At the premium end, aluminium frames will be used which are 2-3 times more expensive, but are treated to prevent UV damage or rust.

Synthetic rattanโ€™s durable properties make it unaffected by moisture, nor will it fade in the sun. It is also impact and scratch resistant so is appropriate for premium outdoor furniture. Great quality synthetic rattan will be weaved by hand, rather than produced in a factory, so that it is impossible to see where its strands begin and end. Good quality synthetic rattan can stand up to lotions, salt water, chlorine, UV rays and alcohol. It’s easy to clean and will endure for years. For more information, see our blog on rattan โ€“ What is the best rattan garden furniture?

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Metal Garden Furniture

Premium outdoor metal furniture has qualities that make it sturdy, durable and very capable of surviving the elements. Cheap metal garden furniture on the other hand will often be made from steel which is inexpensive to buy, however it is prone to rust and heats up in the sun. Premium metal garden furniture, such as Hartman Garden Furnitureโ€™s lounge sets, dining sets and recliners are made from iron or aluminium. Iron and aluminium garden furniture are often treated or powder coated to make them even more durable. Iron tends to be used for heavy weight garden sets or benches and being heavy-weight, it is particularly suited for windy areas. Aluminium furniture is light-weight and easier to move around the garden to create a flexible outdoor space. The new Vienna Range from Bramblecrest Garden Furniture utilises light oak wood-effect aluminium for the ultimate weatherproof furniture with a beautiful warm wood-like finish.

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Rope Garden Furniture

When rope is used in good quality garden furniture it will be high-quality rope, hand woven around frames, which can be left outdoors in all weather conditions. Bramblecrest uses marine-grade rope in its Mauritius range, which is highly-resistant to the weather. 4 Seasons Outdoorโ€™s rope is also weatherproof and has a 5 year warranty on production errors and defects caused by the weather.

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Garden Cushions

Good quality outdoor seat cushions are much more capable than their indoor counterparts. Like indoor cushions they will be comfortable, hard wearing, colourful, stylish and outdoor chair cushions will hold their shape over time. Additionally they are treated so that their colours resist fading in sunlight, and are fabricated using water resistant material. Waterproof outdoor cushions drain water away in a downpour, so they don’t absorb water and won’t become prone to mould and mildew. They are also resistant to stains, such as food and drink. Olefin fabric, used by 4 Seasons Outdoor is very high quality and is known for retaining its shape and appearance, as well as being resistant to mould, chemicals, or any weather conditions. Similarly, the Weatherready cushions, used by Hartman also resist showers and will drain away water in a downpour. The Bramblecrest Monte Carlo range uses faux leather fabric which is absolutely smooth to the touch, supple and represents the ultimate in long-lasting weather-proof cushions for furniture.

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Bramblecrest Monterey Square Modular Lounge Set in Dove Grey with Adjustable Table

There is a broad range of materials used in high quality furniture, each of which is specially selected to produce the best execution possible of the product in which they are used. They create stylish, durable products which you can expect to still be looking great and performing well for many years down the line, safeguarding the investment you make in selecting a high quality piece of garden furniture.

If you have any questions or concerns about garden furniture then don’t hesitate to visit the Gates Garden Centre Outdoor Living Team in-store, contact us on 01664 454309. or shop online for home delivery or collection from our Leicestershire store.

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