How to set up your artificial Christmas tree

You’ve bought the perfect artificial Christmas tree and now it’s time to set it up. We’ve created a short guide full of helpful hints and tips to ensure you achieve an authentic looking tree every year.

Unwrapping your Christmas tree

If you’ve bought your tree already or just received delivery of it, you’ll notice it comes in a neatly streamlined box, which sometimes can be reused. You’ll notice that each branch section is folded up and has been compressed for shipping purposes. So take out tree pieces carefully as you unbox and be sure to hold onto the box as this is the best way to store the tree after the festive period is over.

Setting up and spreading out the many tree branches to create the shape of the tree can sometimes feel like the most tedious part to Christmas decorating. But you can soon make easy work of setting up by getting family and friends involved to create a fun and festive tradition.

Stand tall, stand proud

Depending on what tree you have chosen, the stand and set up will vary so it’s good to keep an eye on the instructions for the finer details.

All artificial Christmas trees come with a sturdy metal base stand. Once unfolded you can secure your tree tightly by simply placing the base of the tree into the metal stand and secure it with the small screw keys.

Now you can position your Christmas tree in your favourite room or where it will make the most impact to welcome guests. Most people tend to display their trees in-doors in either the hallway or living room.

Some artificial Christmas trees can be used outdoors but check instructions first, before deciding where to position your tree. A helpful tip would be to ensure your artificial Christmas tree is within easy reach of an electrical socket, so you can plug in your Christmas lights.

Once your base is securely balanced and you know where you are going to position your festive centre piece, it’s time to move onto fitting the tree together.

Set up and spread the joy

Depending on the height of tree, the set up could come in 1 to 3 parts. If your tree is quite tall it will be easier to separate and shape your tree in sections before fully assembling it as it saves you trying to stand on the arm of the sofa or the edge of a ladder which can be unsafe.

Most of our artificial Christmas trees have a 3-hinged branch system, meaning that set up and take down is very simple. You should be able to identify the separate layers of branches and group them to make set up easy. If your tree has this system, the branches will fall into place once each section of the tree has been placed and secured into position. Start at the base, and work your way up the tree. Instructions normally provide clear information about which branches go where.

All artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipping, so you’ll need to fluff the branches out to make them look fuller. Ensure you only do one layer at a time so that space for each branch can be used and none are missed. Sometimes wearing gardening gloves can help protect hands, especially if the tree is very realistic.

Starting from the back of each branch, manoeuvre each tip by pulling them out to the sides so that the branch starts to resemble a fan shape. Ensure that each tip is either offset from the one before it or is not touching another branch. This will help to hide the trunk and make the tree look much fuller. Move layer by layer up to the top of the tree, checking that each branch is straight with the tips at a slight angle.

Once all parts of the tree have been put together and the layers separated, you should have a fully standing Christmas tree that looks realistic. Take a step back and look at the tree to check for any gaps. With an artificial tree you can quickly tweak the branches to hide any spaces. It can take up to forty minutes to achieve a full and authentic look for your tree.

When it comes to decorating your artificial Christmas tree, slightly bend the tips to ensure that heavier Christmas decorations can be hung securely.

Now that you have taken the time to assemble and shape your artificial Christmas tree, it’s ready for you to enjoy and decorate.

Christmas trees play a big part in our festive traditions and if you have not yet purchased your artificial Christmas tree, we have an extensive range from leading brands, such as Premier Decorations, National Tree Company and Everlands.

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