How many Christmas lights do I need?

A tree twinkling with Christmas lights makes any home look merry and bright. Festive lights add warmth to a home interior and create a lovely ambience for festive gatherings with family and friends. So, getting the light count right is important. We know it can be a bit overwhelming deciding how many Christmas lights you need, so our useful guide should help you make the right decision.

The number of lights needed depends on the height and shape of your Christmas tree, regardless of whether it is a Real or Artificial Tree. For example, a full 7-foot regular tree will require more lights than a slim tree of the same height. Personal preference also plays a big role in determining light count. However, we recommend the following number of Christmas lights as a guide.

As a general rule choose at least a minimum of 100 lights for every foot of tree. For more sparkle and a fuller look, you can add 150 lights per feet depending on your preference.

Tree HeightRecommended Number of Lights
5ft500 – 750
6ft600 – 900
7ft700 – 1050
8ft800 – 1200
9ft900 – 1350
10ft1000 – 1500

Here, at Gates Garden Centre we have a wide range of Christmas lights in all shapes and bulb sizes, ranging from cool to warm white and a selection of multi-coloured lights to add some vibrant colour. So, whatever your tree colour scheme we are sure you’ll find the right Christmas lights from our wide selection.

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