Who are Hartman?

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Hartman is a world-class luxury garden furniture brand, Based in Telford, Shropshire that combines weatherproof furniture with timeless designs and a flair for innovation. Here at Gates Garden Centre some of our most popular and enduring aluminium garden furniture ranges come from Hartman. But who are Hartman? Here we look at the roots of the company and provide a round-up of Hartman’s furniture ranges, accessories and innovations.

Who are Hartman?

Hartman is a premium Dutch garden furniture company which is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, with offices in the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. Their heritage stretches back over fifty years. As incomes and standards of living began to rise across Europe in the late 1960s, the new cultural revolution began to challenge how we used our outdoor spaces. A well-kept garden was no longer the preserve of the elite and the first crest of the outdoor living wave swept across the continent. It was in 1968 that Frans Hartman saw the opportunity for an outdoor furniture company which produced steel furniture and, together with his wife, founded the company we know today as Hartman.

Hartman never stand still and pride themselves on always innovating. After being one of the first companies to develop steel outdoor furniture in the 1960s, they expanded into resin garden furniture throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. By the late 1990s the garden furniture market evolved, and the company’s line-up was joined in the late 1990s by ranges in teak, wicker and aluminium, which continues to be in demand today. Timeless, hardwearing and innovative garden furniture is what they are still known for.

Hartman’s ethos is to produce garden furniture which adheres to the these guiding principles:

  • Comfort – Comfort all day long is at the forefront of all Hartman’s products, whether it’s an elegant Dining set or Compact Bistro Set.
  • Design – Exciting design features is what sets Hartman apart from the crowd. From their Weatheready cushions and Tuscan ceramic glass Tabletops, to their modular Lounge Sets and Firepit Tables. A fresh approach to timeless design is assured.
  • Quality- Hartman make beautiful garden furniture that lasts and is of the highest quality. Unique pieces that are durable and weather resistant, from the framework to the fabric, Hartman garden furniture will remain stunning for years to come.

What is a “Hartman Day”?

Hartman Shanghai Round Parasols provide great shading
Shanghai Parasols provide perfect shading on Hartman Days

By the 1990s Hartman had become one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers, both domestically in the Netherlands and abroad. So entrenched were they in the Dutch national psyche at this time, that the beloved TV Weatherman Erwin Krol began describing days that were forecast with fair weather as ‘Hartman days’ and the phrase was born.

Now that’s given us a feel who Hartman are and the heritage of the brand, let’s take a look at some of the materials which make Hartman garden furniture so special.

Hartman aluminium vs cast aluminium garden furniture – what’s the difference?

Aluminium garden furniture is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, due to its durability, light weight, and resistance to rust corrosion. With a myriad of frame designs from traditional to modern and painted or powder coated in a variety of finishes, aluminium is an incredibly versatile material for garden furniture and can be produced in a variety of styles.

Hartman Capri Bench in Bronze
The traditional solid cast aluminium Hartman Capri High Back Bench in Bronze

Hartman produce a diverse range of furniture working with aluminium. They are well-known for their high-quality traditional cast aluminium furniture, but also produce ranges that feature a mixture of aluminium techniques, including aluminium sheeting, tubular aluminium extrusions and collections that mix aluminium with other materials such as teak, rope, glass-ceramic and textiles. Although aluminium and cast aluminium share some similarities, due to their base material, there are several differences between Hartman’s aluminium and their cast aluminium that can be explained as follows:

  1. Manufacturing process:  Hartman’s aluminium garden furniture is made from sheets or tubular extrusions of aluminium, while their traditional solid sand cast aluminium garden furniture is made by pouring molten aluminium into a sand mould and allowing it to solidify.
  2. Appearance: Hartman’s solid cast aluminium garden furniture often has a more detailed and ornate appearance due to the ability to cast intricate designs into the metal. Hartman’s aluminium garden furniture, on the other hand, is usually simpler in design and produces a more minimalistic approach to garden furniture.
  3. Weight: Hartman’s traditional solid cast aluminium garden furniture is heavier than regular aluminium garden furniture, although still lighter than cast iron garden furniture. Heavier garden furniture can be an advantage in some cases, for example in windy areas, whilst lighter garden furniture is easier to move around the garden.
  4. Durability: Both types of aluminium garden furniture are generally durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, but Hartman’s traditional solid cast aluminium garden furniture is even more resilient and less likely to dent or scratch due to its density and manufacturing process.

Will Hartman’s aluminium garden furniture rust?

No, aluminium furniture doesn’t ever rust. What’s more all Hartman aluminium garden furniture is painted, or powder coated in colour specific finishes that keep the finish well protected and looking smart. This is why aluminium garden furniture can be comfortably left out in the elements to weather anything the British climate can throw at it, year after year. But in the unlikely event that the protective coating becomes damaged, the surface could oxidise. Oxidisation is nothing to worry about, although could lead to pitting and discolouration to the surface of the metal.

If aluminium does become exposed in this way, it still won’t rust – the pitting process is the metal building up its natural defences to moisture, so it will remain hardy underneath. However, cleaning products that contain ammonia, trisodium phosphate or soda can accelerate oxidisation, so it is recommended to only use warm soapy water to clean Hartman aluminium furniture. These chemicals can be found in many household surface cleaners and polishes, so check labels carefully before use.

Hartman Weatherready Cushions

Hartman Singapore Rectangular Corner Platform Set bench
A Weatherready Bench Cushion on the Singapore Rectangular Corner Platform Set

All collections in the Hartman garden furniture range come with comfortable Weatherready seat cushions as standard. The revolutionary fabric that covers the face of these cushions allows water to bead and run off in summer showers. During heavier downpours, they are designed to let water penetrate the fabric, flow through the permeable cushion fibres and fully exit the cushion’s upholstered underside. In this way, they can be allowed to dry naturally in a shorter time period than traditional seat cushions. Weatherready cushions can be left outside all season and are comfortable and sumptuous too. We do recommend long-term storage of cushions somewhere dry during periods of particularly inclement weather, or throughout the winter season to prevent mould and mildew build-up. Ensure that cushions are fully dry before storing.

Now let’s explore the exceptional Hartman garden furniture collections we stock at Gates Garden Centre.

The very best cast aluminium garden furniture

If you are searching for the best-quality cast aluminium garden furniture, then look no further than the Hartman Capri and Hartman Berkley ranges, which are well suited to complement traditional garden settings and look great alongside lawns. These are absolutely top-quality aluminium garden furniture ranges which can be reliably left outside, safe in the knowledge that they’ll survive the British climate intact, so you can enjoy the garden all year round.

Hartman Berkley Bistro Set
Hartman Berkeley Bistro Set in Maize
Hartman Capri Bronze Lounger
Hartman Capri Bronze Lounger
Hartman Capri 8 Seat Rectangular Dining Set
Hartman Capri 8 Seat Dining Set in Bronze

Hartman Capri

The Hartman Capri range is a traditional solid cast aluminium outdoor furniture collection which is executed perfectly. Styled with curves in all the right places and featuring Italianate floral-inspired designs, it is available in an elegant Bronze finish, with Amber Weatherready cushions that looks imposing wherever it is located. The Hartman Capri furniture sets are sturdy and heavy-duty, dependable pieces, which are built to perform impressively for years and years, come rain, wind, sun or snow. Some simple home assembly may be required.

Hartman Berkley

The Hartman Berkley range on the other hand, is a more modern, yet still well-proportioned, take on cast aluminmium garden furniture. The frames are tubular cast aluminium, rather than solid, allowing the range to benefit from the durable qualities of cast aluminium, yet being light enough to be easily moved, when the need arises. Styled with more minimal lattice-work surfaces and finished in Maize with Wheatgrass Weatherready cushions, these patio sets are less formal and are designed to lift any garden setting where they are located. Some simple home assembly may be required.

Types of Hartman Capri and Berkley Garden Furniture

Bistro Sets

The Hartman Capri and Berkley Bistro Sets, are made with small spaces in mind and are perfect to wine-and-dine on patios, balconies or quiet corners of the garden. A Bistro Set can be added to complement other furniture from the same range to complete a cohesive look across the whole garden.


The Hartman Capri Bronze Lounger is one of our best Loungers for relaxing and luxuriating in the sunshine. The cushions on this Lounger are particularly sumptuous, whilst the seat back can be set at four positions for seriously stretching out in style and soaking up the sunshine. What’s more, it’s easy to wheel around the garden to chase the rays, (or the shade), on a hot day.

Garden Dining Sets

If you are looking for a sturdy and dependable Patio Dining Set with an enduring appeal, the Hartman Capri and Berkley ranges include several dining sets that seat from four to eight people in style, with either round, oval or rectangular tables. Each of these sets includes a parasol with parasol base too, so that no matter how hot the sun gets, you and your guests can socialise and dine in comfort.

Garden Benches

An attractive Garden Bench will add a touch of sophistication to the garden, bringing joy year after year, wherever you choose to place it. The Capri and Berkley collections each feature a high back bench with a comfortable and supportive slanted back for an elegant seating solution.

The Best Contemporary Garden Furniture

Singapore Rectangular Corner Set teak detail
The natural warmth of teak table tops in the Singapore range
Dubai 3 seat Casual Lounge Set rope detail
Weatherproof rope on the Dubai range
Hartman Sorrento Garden Lounge Set with Free Side Table
Tuscan ceramic glass surfaces and cross bar framework of the Sorrento range

If you prefer the appeal of the most up-to-the-minute indoor furniture fashions and are keen to bring the inside out for a contemporary garden statement, then Hartman also have something to suit you. Say hello to the latest Hartman Dubai, Hartman Singapore, Hartman Vienna and Hartman Sorrento collections. Always the innovators, Hartman have, in these ranges, mixed powder coated aluminium tubular frames with the most contemporary high performance finishes for leading-edge looks.

Hartman Singapore

Witness the natural warmth of sustainable teak tabletops in the Hartman Singapore range, stunning contemporary lounge sets which bring casual relaxation in the corner of a garden, bang-up to-date. As some of our most impressive Garden Lounge Sets, the Hartman Singapore furniture makes a stand-out centrepiece in a fashionable garden setting. Finished in Dark Grey Matt Xerix, this modular modern range is completed with Slate Grey Weatherready cushions.

Hartman Vienna

The Vienna range features high-back comfortable seating with minimalistic styling, which makes an attractive statement on any patio. Additionally, and in true Hartman style, the sleek elegance of this collection also brings state-of-the-art materials to the table. Whether you are looking for the most comfortable Bistro Set, Dining Set or Lounge set, all furniture in the Hartman Vienna collection has table surfaces made from ultra-low maintenance, weathered teak-effect Tuscan ceramic glass. Being completely scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean, tough and durable, yet safe, this surface is perfect for entertaining the whole family in style. Finished in Dark Grey Matt Xerix, This modern modular range is completed with Slate Grey Weatherready cushions for a modern look.

Hartman Sorrento

The Hartman Sorrento range is well worth looking out for if you’d like a modern range of metal garden furniture with classic styling. A simple cross bar framework makes this furniture stand out and as you’d expect, the furniture can be left out all year long. All the sets in this range feature the leading-edge Tuscan ceramic glass table tops for safe and durable family entertaining. The incredibly deep-cushioned Sorrento range features an impressively-proportioned Companion Set as well as several Lounge Sets for the last word in relaxed garden socialising, one of which features a handy Fire Pit, perfect for extending time together outside when night falls, or the temperature drops. Slate Grey Weatherready cushions and a Dark Grey Matt Xerix frame complete the styling of this modern classic.

Hartman Dubai

Perhaps strong and supportive seating with a softer, curvaceous Scandi-influenced vibe is more your thing, in which case the Hartman Dubai Lounge and Dining Sets, that employ rope stretched around strong Dark Grey Matt Xerix aluminium frames, could be just what you’re looking for. This contemporary and stylish collection of rope garden furniture combines luxury and elegance with modern design to create premium, comfortable seating. The furniture sets in the Dubai range centre on casual dining and lounging which is weatherproof and hardy. Each piece also makes use of the weathered teak-effect Tuscan ceramic glass table tops which are so durable, with deep Slate Grey Weatherready cushions to complete the on-trend styling.

Hartman Roma

Hartman Roma Pergola in Grey
Hartman Roma Pergola in Grey

Some of our favourite all-weather cast aluminium Pergolas are designed by Hartman. Hartman pergolas come in two stylish colourways to suit different garden styles, with modern grey or traditional bronze options. Hartman pergola roof canopies can be fixed back when not in use for a truly open structure with built-in optional shade and curtain packs are available to protect against a breeze or to create a more private space. If you are looking for an open structure for the garden that will host a family sized garden furniture set, then a Hartman pergola is a great choice. Pergola feet can be easily fixed to the ground for stability and it will provide a long-lasting entertainment space for years to come.

Make every day a Hartman Day

We hope we have whetted your appetite with our round-up of who are Hartman? At Gates Garden Centre we have been selling Hartman garden furniture for many years now and have a natural affinity for the brand. We strongly believe their aluminium and cast aluminium furniture is amongst the best in the world. If you would like any further information about Hartman or their garden furniture, then either visit our outdoor living team in-store, contact us on 01664 454309 or shop our Hartman collection online. With many options to choose from and something to suit every garden, go ahead and make every day a Hartman Day in your own outdoor space.

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