So many barbecues come with everything you need to get started, but sometimes having some spare parts or treating yourself to some new ones is fun.

Our Barbecue Fuel & Accessories range offers something for everyone. From BBQ cleaning products to skewers and wood chips, we do it all and we keep many items in stock and available to buy all year round.

You’ve probably noticed that there are many Weber items in this department and that’s because we’re proud to be an official UK Weber World Store. So we stock an impressive range, which is readily accessible, when you need it.

Having the right fuel is really important and it can make a difference to the flavour of food. So don’t compromise on the quality of fuel. Weber and Kamado Joe charcoal makes food taste great. You can buy lumpwood charcoal for your Kamado or Weber barbecue and Weber make great briquettes which come in different pack sizes too. We also sell gas canisters, SmokeFire pellets, Chimney Starter sets for charcoal barbecues, as well as handy gas hose and regulator kits.

If you enjoy authentic BBQ flavour then try some flavoured wood chips or chunks by Weber for a twist on your usual recipes. But if you simply want to light your charcoal barbecue, then try Weber Lighter Cubes, for instant and easy flames.

Safety is important, so we always recommend keeping pets and young children away from hot barbecues. Don’t forget to protect yourself too. We stock a number of protective gloves in a choice of sizes, as well mitts and aprons.

As they say – it’s all in the preparation. So why not impress guests with home-made burgers by using a Weber Burger Press or make the perfect roast chicken with a Weber Poultry Roaster.  If you enjoy perfectly cooked poultry, then perhaps consider a Weber Rotisserie. These are self-basting and the taste is out of this world.

Our favourite BBQ accessories are the Weber Gourmet BBQ System (GBS). This fabulous range enables new ways of cooking on the barbecue and these accessories will help you make the most of your BBQ.

If you enjoy trying new things, then perhaps a new barbecue cookbook is needed. These also make the perfect gift. With so many recipes to try, you can always stock up at our Farm Shop (for top quality ingredients).

And having the right tools and accessories is just as important as having the right fuel. We stock a number of ready to use items from ash catchers to drip pans, grates, griddles, racks and shields. We also have some useful tools like BBQ tool sets, ash rakes, a basting brush and even a marshmallow fork (perfect for a fire pit or a charcoal barbecue).

All barbecues require a bit of care and attention. But at the end of any barbecue session, we strongly recommend that you allow it to cool before attempting to clean it. To keep yours in tip top condition, we have a number of different BBQ cleaning products, from soft Weber sponges that won’t scratch bodywork, to grate cleaners and brushes that do scratch well in the right places – like the grate. If you have a gas barbecue, don’t be without a Gas Maintenance Kit – for simple but effective cleaning.

With so many Barbecue Fuel & Accessories to choose from, we hope you find the right one for the job. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then pop in to see us or ask to speak with one of our fully trained BBQ experts in-store.