Weber Premium Lumpwood Charcoal (5kg)

Weber Premium Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal lights fast and is ready to use in only 15 minutes.


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EAN: 0077924079030 | MPN: 1782580

This is a 5kg bag of Weber Premium Lumpwood Charcoal.

You’ll love this charcoal which once lit is ready to use within fifteen minutes. It burns evenly and quickly, so you can get on and enjoy cooking outside.

Made from beech, hornbeam, birch, and oak woods.

Weber Premium Lumpwood lights fast, burns hot, and imparts a distinct, delicious flavor to your food.


  • 5kg upright bag with handle
  • Ready to use in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use & lights fast
  • Made from beech, hornbeam, birch & oak woods
  • Suitable for outdoor use

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