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Westland John Innes No.2 Potting-on Compost (35 litres)

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Pot-on vegetables, fruit, flowers & herbs with Westland John Innes No.2 Potting-on Compost for strong and healthy plants.

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Westland John Innes No.2 Potting-on Compost feeds and helps to establish all young plants.

Ideal for growing strong and healthy flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables.

This 35 litre pack is rich in nutrients and potassium humate – a bio-stimulant for healthy root and shoot growth. This carefully balanced mix of peat, loam, sand and grit means plants will be able to thrive and benefit from perfect nutrient and moisture retention, as well as excellent drainage and aeration.

It includes 5 weeks feed and will produce strong vibrant foliage, flowers and fruit.

For added peace of mind, each pack is screened and sterilised to prevent soil-borne diseases and insects, so you can plant with confidence.


  • 35 litre pack of traditional potting-on compost
  • Works well with vegetables, fruit, flowers & herbs
  • Promotes fast healthy seed germination
  • Includes 5 weeks plant feed
  • Suitable for young plants
  • Premium quality
  • Rich in nutrients & potassium humate for healthy root & shoot growth
  • Peat, Loam, Sand & Grit help to aerate, drain and retain moisture
  • Consistently good performance
  • Screened & sterilised to prevent bugs & diseases
  • For indoor or outdoor use

Gardening tips

  • Always take care when lifting, wear gloves & wash hands after use
  • Use in a well ventilated place & avoid breathing in dust
  • Rework compost between hands to allow it to regain intended texture
  • Not suitable for ericaceous plants
  • Re-seal bag after use & store in a cool dry place
  • Feed & water plants regularly

Additional info

  • Contains peat
  • Recycle bag after use