Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start

Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start is perfect for repairing or growing a healthy lawn in a hurry.


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Westland Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start is a blend of hard wearing and quick growing lawn seed varieties that is perfect for over-seeding worn grass or filling in bare patches in a hurry.

The seeds are treated with Aqua Gel technology which is able to absorb around 400 x its weight in water. This water is then slowly released back to the seeds, when the seeds require it to germinate, granting vastly improved health and germination. This Aqua Gel also serves as an excellent bird deterrent.

For the best results, sow the lawn seed when the soil temperature is between 7 and 18 Celsius, sometime between March and October. If the soil temperature is 6 degrees or below then the seed may not germinate and may delay its growth until the temperature increases.

To sow using a 1 or 1.6kg carton, simply use the built-in side applicator and shake to apply around 40g of seed per sq.m for new lawn and around 30g per sq.m for revitalising existing lawns. Rake the ground lightly and then walk over to press the seeds firmly into the soil, making sure to water thoroughly with a fine-rose watering can or sprinkler.


  • 1kg carton – covers up to 25 square meters
  • 1.6kg carton – covers up to 40 square meters
  • 3.2kg bag – covers up to 80 square meters


  • Westland Gro-Sure Fast Starting Smart Lawn Seed
  • When to sow: March to October
  • 3 different sizes available
  • Coated with Aqua Gel technology to guarantee success
  • Germinates in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius for earlier sowing
  • Offers quick establishment for fast results and to outcompete weeds
  • Works in full sun for a strong, healthy lawn in hot and dry conditions
  • Will produce lush green grass in shady conditions
  • Quickly repairs patches on your lawn
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