Weedol PathClear Weedkiller Concentrate Tubes

Weedol PathClear Weedkiller Concentrate kills weeds to the roots while removing the measuring and the mess.


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Weedol PathClear Weedkiller Concentrate Tubes eliminate the mess and hassle of measuring with pre-measured tubes of effective weedkiller.

Operating through systemic action, this formula will kill weeds to the roots while preventing new weeds by creating an invisible barrier that lasts for up to three months. This weedkiller can be used to control weeds on gravel paths, drives and along fences and walls. It can be used around established trees and shrubs but make sure to avoid contacting the foliage or trunk of these plants.

Spray between March and September when the weeds are small and actively growing, on a dry, calm day. Apply to an area only once each year.

To use, open up a tube and mix the pre-measured contents with 1 litre of water in a sprayer or 5 litres of water in a watering can. Apply the spray evenly on the area to be treated and ensure the weeds and soil are evenly wetted. Expect to see visible results in around 14 days with weed death approximately 28 days in.


  • Sizes: 6 tubes (treats up to 120sq.m) or 18 tubes (treats up to 360sq.m)
  • Concentrate tubes offer pre-measured easy mixing
  • Creates an invisible barrier to prevent new weeds for up to 3 months
  • Ideal for drives, paths and patios
  • Eliminates mess and the need to measure
  • Visible effects in 14 days
  • Kills existing weeds to the roots through systemic action

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