Vitax Copper Mixture 175g

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Ideal for preventing nutrient deficiency in fruit and other edible crops.

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Vitax Copper Mixture is perfect if you’re looking to treat crops that are suffering from trace element deficiencies – copper, manganese and zinc.

Copper Mixture is perfect for supporting a range of plants and crops, helping to correct copper deficiency in beets, onions and top fruit. It will also tackle manganese problems in crops such as potatoes, peas and beans.

If you’re growing fruit in sandy soils with high pH and phosphate levels you could well find that your plants suffer from zinc deficiency, which again can be helped by treating with Vitax Copper Mixture.

You simply mix with water and spray onto the plant leaves during periods of active growth. Copper Mixture is best applied during early morning or late evening to avoid leaf scorch.

If your plants are suffering from severe deficiencies, you can repeat spray up to three times per year.