Tall Palermo Terracotta Pot Extra Large (D64cm x H65cm)

An authentic, handmade and weather-proof Tall Palermo Terracotta Pot Extra Large (D64cm x H65cm).


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The best designs are often simple, as seen by this authentic large pot. The straight sides have no ornamentation while the rim has been ever so subtly repeated, creating an appealing pot in form, shape and size.

The process of making large planters and pots comes with many challenges. The larger the pot, the more chance there is of it collapsing while a weak clay will cause it to fracture and break in the kiln. These pots are therefore made using very strong clay, from southern Vietnam, that can easily withstand the traditional wood burning kilns that reach around 1000 – 1200 degrees centigrade, at which point they become frost-proof. This pot can therefore be left outside all throughout the winter without the fear of cracking or damage.

Placing the pot onto some pot feet will allow air to circulate and help drainage while helping it to stand out in your garden or on your patio.

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