Rustic Hat Terracotta Pot Extra Large (D80cm x H62cm)

A simple but efficient design, this Extra Large Rustic Hat Terracotta Pot is handmade by highly skilled potters.


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Reaching in at just over two and a half feet across, this extra large Rustic Hat Terracotta Pot can easily be regarded as one of the ‘big boys’. This large pot can be used individually with a large shrub or tree such an olive or palm tree, creating a combination that will stand head and shoulders above anything placed beside it and becoming the focal point of any garden bed or patio. These pots can also be used in pairs, excelling when placed either side of an urban front door or country patio and conservatory.

This classical pot is made in Vietnam by master craftsmen that use a mixture of local clays to create a resulting material that is dense, heavy and very strong. Not only does this durability and strength allow for the creation of larger but still structurally sound pots, but by the time it is fired in a traditional wood burning kiln at over 1200 degrees centrigrade, it becomes frost proof. This means you can feel secure leaving it outside, even in the worst winter weather.

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