Photinia serratifolia ‘Pink Crispy’


A stunning hardy, evergreen, shrub with pink and green marbled foliage.


Photinia serratifolia ‘Pink Crispy’ is a striking, all year round shrub with distinctive foliage.

Bearing oblong, evergreen leaves, they are mottled, glossy and toothed with an attractive light green marble effect. In spring, new growth is a striking pink.

In summer, clusters of white flowers blossom and are sometimes followed by ornamental, small red fruit.

‘Pink Crispy’ is part of a well known genus of trees and shrubs which have won several awards for their outstanding qualities. ‘Pink Crispy’ is an exciting, recent variety known for its heavily marbled leaves and colourful appearance.

Plant your ‘Pink Crispy’ in full sun or partial shade and in any well drained, fertile soil. Photinia make ideal structural plants in your garden. Add them to the back of a border, bed or use them to screen and add privacy. They also do well in large pots and containers on the patio.

Photinia are easy to care for and require simple pruning to maintain shape in spring and summer. They are hardy shrubs and grow to a mature height of 175cm (5.7ft).

Garden notes

  • Characteristics: Evergreen
  • Flowers: White
  • Flowering period: Summer
  • Position: Full sun/part shade
  • Soil type: Fertile, well drained
  • Height & Spread: 100-175cm (3ft-5.7ft) tall
  • Common names: Chinese hawthorn

Additional info

  • Different size pots are available
  • Measurements are approximate

Additional information


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