Needlefresh Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree

The Needlefresh Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree is a child friendly option with rich green needles.


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The Needlefresh Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree (Abies Nordmanniana) is a beautiful, ready-cut real Christmas tree. It’s ideal for decorating at home over the festive period.

A popular choice because of their superb needle-holding ability, as well as their symmetrical shape. The Nordmann Fir has glossy, rich green foliage making it a truly magical and traditional looking tree.

It can be used indoors and it looks spectacular when decorated with lights, tinsel and baubles at Christmas time. It’s also a safe tree to use around young children and pets because the needles are soft.

The Needlefresh Nordmann Fir cut tree will last the entire season if maintained well. We recommend providing this tree with at least one pint of water per week to prevent needle drop. It’s also a good idea to keep the tree away from a direct heat source.

Originating from the Caucus Mountain range in Eastern Europe. The mountains divide Turkey and Georgia and there they grow to fully mature trees up to 12 – 15 meters high. The seed is collected from specific areas where the trees are of particularly good form, it is then sown in specialist tree nurseries where they are germinated and grown into seedlings.

Once the seedlings are strong enough, the plants are dug up and replanted in our Christmas tree fields. Great care is taken to select only the strongest seedlings so we grow the very best Christmas trees. It takes at least 6 years before we can start harvesting the trees. A good 2-meter tree can take 8 years to be ready.

Product details

  • Glossy rich green foliage
  • Superb needle-holding ability with low drop rate
  • Large soft family-friendly needles, great for young children & pets
  • Beautiful shape
  • Range of sizes to choose from
  • Cut Christmas tree (no roots)
  • Sustainable
  • Outstanding quality
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Sizes available

  • 4ft – 5ft (120cm – 150cm)
  • 5ft – 6ft (150cm – 180cm)
  • 6ft – 7ft (180cm – 210cm)
  • 7ft – 8ft (210cm – 240cm)
  • 8ft – 9ft (240cm – 270cm)
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