Narcissi ‘Quail’ (10 bulbs)

Fragrant and multi-headed, Narcissus ‘Quail’ produces stunning yellow daffodil flowers.


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EAN: 5015882062188 | MPN: TP247

An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, Narcissus ‘Quail’ boasts an enchanting appearance that effortlessly adds elegance to any landscape. Each bulb produces multiple slender, sturdy stems, adorned with delicate flowers that exude an irresistible allure. The blossoms showcase a classic trumpet shape, with pristine yellow petals gently arching back to reveal a matching yellow trumpet at their center.

These bulbs are incredibly easy to plant and care for, making them an ideal choice for both experienced gardeners and novices alike. The Narcissus ‘Quail’ thrives in a variety of settings, including garden beds, borders, and containers. They prefer well-drained soil and should be planted in a location that receives full or partial sunlight, ensuring optimal growth and bloom production.

Once planted, these bulbs will gracefully emerge from the soil, offering a visual spectacle that unfolds as the days pass. With each passing season, the Narcissus ‘Quail’ bulbs will multiply, enhancing the natural beauty of your garden year after year. Whether you choose to plant them en masse or intersperse them with other spring bloomers, these bulbs will undoubtedly create a mesmerizing focal point that will draw admiration from all who encounter them.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (RHS AGM)


  • Recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit
  • Bulb count per pack: 10 bulbs
  • Flower colour: Yellow
  • Flowering months: March, April
  • Flowering height: 25cm/10″
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • When to plant: August, September, October, November
  • Planting depth: 10cm/4″
  • Bulb spacing: 10cm/4″
  • Soil type: Moist but well drained
  • Sunlight: Full sun, Partial shade
  • Special features: RHS award winner, Ideal for pots, Scented
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