Lupin ‘Tequila Flame’ (2 litre pot)

EAN: 5019801001715 | MPN: LUTFLA 2L


Impressive focal flower with red and yellow bicolour.

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Lupin ‘Tequila Flame’ is an impressive and classic border perennial with straight strong spires.

Main features:

  • Lupin ‘Tequila Flame’
  • 2 litre pot
  • Colour: Red and yellow bicolour
  • Great focal plant
  • Late season

Gardening notes:

  • Partial or full sunlight
  • Prefers moist and well drained soil
  • Water pot well before planting and leave to drain
  • Dig twice the size of the pot
  • Mix in compost and fertiliser to the soil
  • Remove pot & place root ball level with the soil
  • Top off with compost and fertiliser
  • Firm in well and water regularly